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NRA Club Champion Tournaments

Who is the best all-around shooter at your club or in your organization? The NRA Club Champion Tournament Match will help you find out, and your members will have a lot of fun through shoulder-to-shoulder competition. Proficiency with one firearm is easily attainable with hard work, but how good are you at three or more different disciplines? As a fund-raiser, annual event, or “fun shoot� this new NRA Competitive Shooting program will definitely bring the shooters out to see who the best all-around shot is at your club. This is how the program works. Pick three or more courses that your club can accommodate from the list provided by the NRA Competitive Shooting Division (contact info below). Designate a date to hold the match, and on the day of the match your club members will shoot all of the different courses of fire. The shooter with the best overall score (aggregate) in ALL disciplines will be your Club Champion, and go home with the top prize. The NRA will send awards to your club for Club Champion, 2nd, 3rd, High Senior, High Woman, and High Junior. Matches are never this easy, or fun! Deadline Dates: Event Packets may be ordered starting January 1st. Firing may be conducted anytime between January 1st and October 1st. NRA must receive all participant Entry forms, Match Reporting form, and all other fees by November 1st. Fees: The NRA entry fee will be $10.00 per adult shooter and $5.00 per shooter seventeen years of age and younger. Maximum fee to the NRA is $300.00. Clubs will return an entry form for each shooter, and a match entry reporting form after the tournament. Payment and reporting forms must be sent to NRA within 30 days of completion of the tournament. Awards: The NRA will recognize the Club Champion, 2nd place, 3rd place, and High Senior, Woman, and Junior Champions. The Champion will receive a Montana Silversmiths Club Champion belt buckle, and a Club Champion medal. The 2nd, 3rd, and High Senior, Woman, and Junior Champions will Receive NRA Club Champion medals. NRA Awards will be shipped prior to your tournament. Rules: The Event Coordinator/Match Director or club will pick a minimum of three different courses of fire from the list provided by NRA Competitive Shooting. Remember, the more, the better. All competitors must shoot each discipline, and the aggregate score will determine the Club Champion. In the event of a tie, the shooters will shootoff for 1st place shoulder-to-shoulder. The Match Director will determine the course of fire for the shoot-off utilizing the match events originally fired. From there, you can register your Club Champion tournament, download all necessary forms and a poster for printing, along with submitting your reporting forms and entry fees. Or you can contact us directly at: 1-877-672-6282 or at

Tournament Operations Guide

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NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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