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and followed by columns for match score (both fired and aggregate events). As entries are received and registration numbers assigned, put numbers and names on the bulletin board under the proper classification headings - Masters first, followed by Experts, Sharpshooters, and Marksmen. Even on tournament day, keep the board current by adding post entries as accepted. The competitor’s scores are posted on the bulletin board as soon as completed cards come from the firing line and are checked for errors. Keep posting up-to-date so competitors can check their scores. Competitors are required by the rulebook to check the Official Bulletin Board for official notices.

Present your most important awards in a formal ceremony

Ranking cards and posting aggregates: After posting the scores for each fired match, post the scores to the aggregate match cards so they will be ready when the last event in the aggregate is finished. For this posting, sort the cards for each aggregate match into numerical order according to the competitor’s registration number. Have one person read the registration number and scores from the fired match score cards while a second person finds the corresponding registration number. Aggregate scores and rank these cards as explained for fired matches. Mark the prize information on the cards concerned, and post the aggregate scores and prize information on the preliminary bulletin board. To rank the cards in order of the scores first divide cards by whatever classes and categories are to be used for awards. Put the high score on top, and work down to the last card in the match for each class. Cards for competitors who did not fire should come from the range marked “DNF” (Did Not Fire), and be placed on the bottom of the pack. Do not throw these away. Now go through the packs and mark the prize information on each card concerned, breaking ties where they occur for scores that win prizes. It is not necessary to break other ties. Official Bulletin: Competitors are required to be familiar with all official notices posted on the Official Bulleting Board. The Preliminary Bulletin will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board. When the last score of each match is posted, note in the space provided in the heading for that match the time at which such scores become the Official Bulletin. The length of time between posting and when they become official will vary. The time should be as short as possible, but never less than the time required to allow the shooter to finish firing, check the scores, and challenge any score which is believed to be incorrect (see Rule 16.1 Challenges). A good standard time is one or two hours after the last score is posted. Scores posted for the last match on the first day of a two-day tournament should not become official until you know competitors have returned to the range the second day, usually one hour after starting time. After scores are official for each event, the prize-winning scores should be highlighted to show the place won. For example, first, second, and third place scores can be highlighted with blue, red, and yellow respectively. Class winning scores would be similarly highlighted (same colors) with a notation added such as “1st Master,” “2nd Expert,” etc. Final bulletins: Final bulletins will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board. Each competitor should be sent a final results bulletin showing all scores, in each match, (or at least award winners) and a complete registration list. Get them sent out as quickly as possible after the tournament. This is important as it wraps up the tournament, and


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Tournament Operations Guide

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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