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Preface Why a tournament? Efficiently organized tournaments for rifle, pistol, & air gun are easy to conduct. Members meet each other and learn to work together successfully. A tournament provides classification and experience for new shooters. Local shooters can travel to other matches or can compete at their own club. Tournaments can be a source of club income. A tournament also provides the means for repaying other clubs for tournaments they sponsor. Tournaments promote the shooting sports and provide a means for club publicity. They will interest new shooters, attract outside visitors, and provide a general means of telling the world about recreational shooting. The prime reasons for holding tournaments is to give competitors an enjoyable shooting experience, and to further support NRA’s mission. Tournament sponsors accept a responsibility to conduct the tournament, efficiently, fairly, and according to the rules. This book promotes the NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division system of Tournament Operations. It is intended primarily as a primer and reference for tournament sponsors. New tournament officials should work closely with experienced tournament sponsors to learn about the fundamentals of running an NRA Sanctioned Tournament.

NRA Approved or Registered? The difference between a Registered Tournament and an Approved Tournament is that the Registered Tournament is the more formal of the two. Registered Tournaments are used to establish National Records while the Approved Tournament is a local event where sponsors have more flexibility in developing courses of fire and classes. It is recommended to conduct your first competition as a NRA Approved Tournament. Any properly planned and organized tournament can be conducted under the NRA Approved Tournament plan. NRA sanctioning will add prestige and encourage shooters to attend your tournament. Scores from NRA Approved and Registered Tournaments are used for NRA competitor classification, and club members can be classified on their home range. Call the Tournament Reporting department for more information at (703) 2671454 for more information about classification. Sponsors can build their own tournements to suit the needs of their shooters. Sponsors can develop their own courses of fire and create their own classifciation system using NRA rules. For complete information on the current plan for NRA Sanctioned Tournaments, please send a request via e-mail us at, or reach us by phone at 1-877-672-6282. You can find us on the web at:



You can also reach us via mail at: NRA Competitive Shooting 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030

Tournament Operations Guide

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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