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junior, etc., if prize schedule requires this information)

Cards for each match are kept together after they are prepared. When entry closing time has passed, take 3 examples of official NRA score cards all cards for the first match and divide by the number of targets to determine the number of relays. For example, let’s say two relays are necessary If it is a rifle match, sort out all left-handed shooters and prepare to squad them on the extreme right end of the firing line. Sort out and place in different relays the cards for shooters who have indicated they will use the same gun. Then arrange to separate the husbands and wives of members of the same team. Finally, divide the cards into two nearly equal groups (2 relays), keeping all Masters and Experts in the same group, if possible. Now go through the first group of cards and number each in the relay space provided A1, and assign target numbers consecutively. If there are some vacant targets, spread them out - do not leave them vacant. Repeat for relay 2. The cards are sent to the firing line prior to each match (as already outlined), or turned over to the scorer if scoring is not done at the firing line or in the pits. In either case, they are returned to the Statistical Office when the scores have been marked on them, with the competitor’s signature certifying that the value of each individual shot is correct. When score cards are returned with scores, check the addition of totals, and post scores to the large bulletin board (which will be mentioned in detail later on). Competitors want to see their scores as soon as possible, so post them on the large preliminary bulletin board before any further work is done. Cards for each match are kept ranked in order of high score to low score. NOTE: In smallbore rifle matches when the targets are scored in the Statistical Office the targets constitute the score cards and must be kept in good order until the end of the challenge period.


Bulletins and Awards

Bulletin boards: The bulletin board should be large enough to contain each competitor’s name in letters about one-half inch high, plus a space for each match score. If the tournament will run two days or more, these score spaces may, if necessary, be limited to enough for a single day’s matches. Plan on at least that many, although having enough for an entire tournament is better. Columns showing registration number and classification are also required. The NRA can supply large printed paper facing sheets (SR-31) for bulletin boards, or you can make your own with Masonite or similar material. If you make your own, paint the background a dull black, and mark lines and letters in white. The left hand column is for registration numbers, the next for names,

Bulletin boards are essential for competitors to see their scores in a timely fashion

Tournament Operations Guide

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Profile for National Rifle Association - Competitive Shooting

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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