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Targets A sufficient quantity of the proper targets must be available at the range for the course of fire used. It is always advisable to have backup targets on hand in case some are destroyed by bad weather. The number required depends on the number of competitors expected, and is best figured by knowing how many targets will be required by one competitor to complete the match. Example: Free Pistol 60 Shot Match - For each competitor, one B17 target and six B17C repair centers. If mechanical target carriers are to be used, the proper numbered targets are inserted and the numbers listed to match the competitor. Rapid Fire 60 Shot Match - For each competitor, five B37 targets and 30 B37C targets. Center Fire 60 Shot Match - For each competitor, one B17 target and six B17C for the precision phase and one B37 target and six B37C targets for the rapid fire phase. Women’s Sport Pistol - The target requirements are the same as for Center Fire. Standard Pistol 60 Shot Match - For each competitor, one B17 target and six B17C targets. Air Pistol - For each competitor, 62 B40 targets or 15 B40/4 targets with two sighting targets. Target frames must have a backing of cardboard or other suitable material to fasten the targets to by glue or stapling. In most cases, competitors are asked to furnish their own stapler to fasten targets and centers on the backing. Duties of all match officials are described elsewhere in this guide and in NRA rulebooks. It is important that all firing line commands be given as shown in Section 10 of the International Pistol rulebook. Additional range personnel may be required to pick up score cards from competitors and deliver them to the Statistical Office. This should be done immediately after each match is scored if scoring is done on the line. If scoring is done by a Scoring Jury, fired targets must be taken immediately to the jury, and competitors may view their targets only after the targets are scored. These people should also help to ensure the cards are signed by both the scorer and competitor. After the Tournament

Target frames must have a backing


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After the last shot is fired and the competitors leave, the sponsor still has much to do. Every effort should be made to issue awards before the winners leave. If possible, a short awards ceremony should be provided. If this cannot be done, the winners must be determined and awards mailed as soon as possible. A results bulletin should be prepared and sent to all competitors, and to NRA. This is required for all Registered tournaments. The registration fees, reports, and a completed score reporting card (SR-1A or equivalent) for each competitor must also be sent to NRA. A detail should be established to take care of range clean-up including picking up of brass, old targets, etc.

Tournament Operations Guide

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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