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events move quickly and should not cause any great backlog of shooters, even if only one person fires the course at a time. There are two primary targets used in this competition. One is the NRA Bianchi Target, the AP-1 Tombstone, available in paper and cardboard. The cardboard version is cut to exact size and might require modification to (or construction of ) frames. The other target is an 8� metal plate (described in Section 4 of the rulebook). This plate may be constructed with a foot to enable setting on a stand (six targets are required), or can be made into a more sophisticated rack with the plates hinged so they can be reset by the use of a lever or a bar. Additional targets authorized are the AP-2 and the speed target (steel). See Section 4 of the rulebook for specifics. Scoring is generally accepted on the frame after completion of each stage. Since only a few shots are fired in a stage, targets should last a long time with minimal upkeep, other than repainting before the next tournament. Match Procedure Sponsors may elect to include any one or more of the 16 courses of fire in their tournament. Only those courses in the rulebook may be included in a Sanctioned tournament. Sponsors may request Action Pistol paperwork from the NRA Action Pistol Coordinator at (703) 267-1478, or via e-mail at There is no charge for score cards. Refer to Section 10 of the rulebook for complete details on conducting each event, including timing, number of shots fired, stages, etc. After the Match The same procedures for any other match apply to NRA Action Pistol shooting, e.g., challange times, awards ceremonies, Final Bulletins, preparation and mailing of required reports and fees to NRA, etc.

Action Pistol shooters often utilize highly customized pistols

Tournament Operations Guide

Chapter 2


NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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