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Black Powder Target Rifle Competition

Black Powder Target Rifle tournaments can be run on any High Power Rifle range, using basic High Power Rifle operations. These tournaments are run at 200 yards to 1000 yards. Customarily, it is allowed to have 3 minutes per record shot including sighters, so a 10 shot string would be 30 minutes including sighter time. However, if running a tournament on fixed frames the sighter period (up to 600 yards) would be 12 minutes with the 30-minute record time permitted after the sighter holes are scored and pasted. It is suggested to use every other target carrier beyond 600 yards in order to reduce target damage due to the wind and bullet drift. The rulebook permits a great latitude as to course of fire, sighters, and time limits.

The Black Powder Target Rifle Championships are held at the NRA Whittingtion Center every year


Conventional, International Smallbore Rifle, and Position Air Rifle

Range Preparation 1) Check target holders. Are they in need of repairs (backer capability for Registered matches is required)? 2) Check range lighting and ventilation systems (indoor only) or check wind indicators (outdoor only). 3) Check to ensure that you have enough targets on hand for your match. Targets can be ordered through target manufacturers listed on the web at the NRA Competitive Shooting web site: 4) Check for comfort items. For example, rest rooms should be clean and stocked, as should the snack bar or concession area. (A snack bar/concession area is a good way to make money for the club and provides convenience for the shooters). 5) Pre-match conference with the Statistical Officer to insure a smooth flow of fired targets to the scoring room. 6) Select a location for the bulletin board. Choose a central location far enough away from the firing line so as to not disturb the shooters. 7) Have entry cards on hand because many shooters will forget the one you mailed them. Pencils or pens should also be provided. 8) Be sure the “ready� area is as uncluttered as possible since smallbore shooters often

Tournament Operations Guide

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NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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