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Extend courtesy when correcting a rules violation

Correcting Rule Violations: Rule violations do not occur frequently, but when they do, they must be handled properly. Apply common sense and courtesy while doing so. In the majority of cases, the competitor is not aware of the violation. See Section 9 of the rulebook for information on penalties and disqualifications. Warn the competitor who has been disobeying a rule, and allow for correction of the violation. After one warning, it may be necessary to disqualify the competitor. Unless the fault is dangerous for safety reasons, do not make the correction while the competitor is aiming and about to fire. Corrections are best made between shots, between stations, between strings (in rapid fire), or while the competitor is off the firing line. Correct any safety violations immediately. The first warning must be given by the Referee, Jury, Chief Range Officer, or an Assistant Range Officer. Lower ranking officials should call these Officers’ attention to rule infractions they observe. If it becomes necessary to disqualify a competitor, this is done only after the Match Director has been informed of the matter. It will be the Match Director, Referee, or Jury who are authorized to notify and disqualify the offender.

After the Match Post a preliminary bulletin of scores and the time limits for challenges. The challenge time is generally 30 minutes to one hour after the preliminary bulletin and provides competitors the opportunity to check scores for incorrect posting. Awards: There are several ways to handle awards, listed below. 1) Presentation ceremony immediately after challenge time expires. 2) Awards table or window where competitors may pick up awards. 3) Mailing awards to competitors. Whichever of these methods you follow, competitors must be advised in some way, be it written notification, e-mail, by the Match Director’s bulletin at the match, or a statement contained in the program. Required reports & bulletins (see Stat Office Operations): Registered Tournaments require the sponsor to furnish each competitor with an Official Bulletin. Often these are e-mailed to the competitors, or posted online on the sponsor’s website. Sample Final Bulletin cover

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Tournament Operations Guide

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NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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