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Tournament Officials

Officials are the people who will be responsible for the tournament’s success. An expert shot does not always make the best tournament official although experience as a shooter is desirable. It is essential that each officer works well with others. People who frequently “blow their top” have little chance of running a successful tournament. In some tournaments, where the officers are allowed to compete, their competition will suffer. Be sure to check your rulebook for an official list of tournament officials who cannot compete. Match Director: Here is the tournament’s top official. This person must be an organizer. Usually one of the more experienced club members is named to this post. DO NOT let the member designated get the idea it is an honorary post. Other key officers report to the Match Director, who has the responsibility to make the final decisions. The Match Director should be an experienced tournament competitor, if possible, and must see that all rules are obeyed. A good Match Director enforces all rules without partiality and sees to it that other officials do the same. The Match Director must be present all the time and must check both competitors and officials on the range and in the office. Chief Range Officer: Should have experience as a competitor in the type of tournament sponsored. This official directs the operation of the range. The Chief Range Officer is stationed at the firing line and is responsible for the supervision of all activities from the firing line to the targets. Good match officials are critical for a successful tournament

Chief Pit Officer: In any tournament using pit-operated targets, this officer is under the direction of the Chief Range Officer. Shooting experience is necessary. In many tournaments, the Pit Officer will deal with youngsters in the Target Detail, so an ability to understand and work with young people is desirable. Chief Statistical Officer: Someone who is accustomed to office work is best suited for this job. An essential quality is a pleasant disposition. Competitors must be treated well so they will want to come again. Shooting experience is not necessary, although it is an advantage. Large tournaments require several Assistants to each Chief. Assistants should have as many abilities and characteristics of their Chief as possible - and at least one should be able to step in and take over the Chief’s job if it becomes necessary.



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Tournament Operations Guide

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NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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