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Rules: The statement, “Current NRA Rules will govern” or “Current NRA International Rules will govern” will generally suffice here. NRA rules do permit certain variations from standard, however, any such variations should be specified here. For instance, the program of a pistol tournament might state “Rule 9.24(b) will apply.” This statement would mean that no alibis other than range alibis are permitted. Competition is open to___: NRA Membership is required to set National Records, but not to compete. Many state associations require that only members of that or another state association may compete in State Championships. If memberships can be purchased at the tournament, indicate so in the program. Your match may be restricted(Rule 1.7(e)), in which competition is limited to specified groups such as police, juniors, etc. If your club is running an Approved Tournament, you will probably prefer to make the competition open to all. NRA membership is NOT required for any NRA sanctioned tournament. Registration Fee: List the amount of tournament registration fee to be charged each competitor, what it entitles the competitor to (competitor name badge, classification decal, etc.) and a copy of the Official Bulletin. Entries: Usually the entries will be sent to the Statistical Officer since this official has the responsibility for squadding. In any case be sure to use an address where you will have access to the entries when you need it. Do not have entries sent to the home of someone who will not be able to receive mail just before one of your scheduled tournaments. Entry Fee: It is desirable to keep fees as low as possible to encourage participation. Competitors resent the payment of high entry fees when they see no proportionate expenditure by the sponsor in either service or awards. Consider your expenses carefully to be sure your fees at least meet your costs. You may wish to separate fees into a basic registration fee and entry fee for each fired and aggregate match. The registration fee covers the expense of taking the competitor’s registration, sending a program, the competitor identification (usually a number or name badge), sending all competitors a final bulletin, and the NRA fee if the tournament is Registered or Approved (and not a Silhouette tournament). For the first tournament, an estimate of probable expenses and number of competitors will indicate what the entry fee must be to come out successfully. After the first tournament, previous experiences will govern estimates. Entries Close and Post Entries: You may require advance entries. The program should state when entries will close (usually the Monday preceding the weekend of the tournament). If post entries will be accepted, the program should state so. Often, post entries are accepted only on payment of an additional fee, and provided they do not require additional relays. Entry Limit: State the number of entries that will be accepted for the match.

High entry fees must see proportionate expenditure by the sponsor in something beneficial to the competitor, like awards

Tournament Operations Guide

Chapter 1


NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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