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BEGINNING COMPETITION To foster a competitive spirit in young athletes, introduce the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. This program is an informal, year-round recreational shooting activity that provides incentive awards for developing and improving marksmanship skills. Standards are set and patches, certificates and pins are available for purchase to celebrate each athlete’s accomplishments. This program is a great way to encourage young competitors to improve at their own pace. For more information, visit: index.asp or contact: National Rifle Association of America Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030 1-800-672-3888

Postal matches are an easy way to test and compare shooting skills at home. Postal matches are competitive shooting activities in which participants fire a predetermined course of fire on their home ranges. Witnesses are present to verify that the match and safety conditions are followed. The score sheets and targets are mailed to the NRA for scores to be certified. A results bulletin is prepared and awards mailed are to the winners of the match Postal matches are ideal venues for youth shooters to build their competitive skills before actually entering formal competition, as well as excellent practice matches for the more experienced competitor. Membership in the NRA is not a requirement for these matches. For a complete list of available NRA sponsored postal matches visit: compete/dept-postal.asp or contact the postal program coordinator at /(703) 267-1482.

SPONSORING A MATCH Once the club is established and there is a consistent team, it is time to start thinking about hosting an event. The first step is to decide when the match will take place, who the match officials will be, and what the course of fire will be. Once these things have been decided, visit the USA Shooting website for policies, program outlines, and sanctioning guidelines: http://www. or contact:

USA Shooting Competitions 1 Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-578-4883 The NRA wishes you the best of luck in developing your program! Please let us know if you need any help and let us know what a success your juniors have become!

NRA Junior Progressive Pistol Brochure  

A guide to NRA Junior Progressive Pistol

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