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RANGES AND EQUIPMENT Air gun ranges are some of the easiest ranges to set up and can be set up just about anywhere, provided there is a safe backstop. “Safe� means no doors or openings where someone might enter unexpectedly and no windows, lighting fixtures or electrical wiring near the line of fire. If any of these are present, protect the area by locking doors and covering windows and lights, but be mindful of the fire code. Air guns need 10 meters (32.8 feet). An additional area is necessary behind the firing line for a place from which to shoot, and some space is needed behind the targets for the pellet trap. An overall distance of about 40 feet provides a comfortable sized range either indoors or outdoors.

or B-40/4 (four bull) targets may be used. For a list of licensed target manufacturers, visit:

Once you have located a space that can be safely used, it is time to construct a backstop and pellet trap. Pellet traps can be purchased from a variety of vendors and usually use a steel plate to stop pellets. An additional backstop can be made of a large, heavy duty curtain, hung behind the pellet trap for additional protection. If you want to set up your range so that several people can shoot at once, the recommended amount of space is a 4 feet shooting space for each additional competitor.

Electronic or paper targets may be used. Authorized paper targets will have the logo of the ISSF, USA Shooting, or the NRA printed on them. If paper targets are used, either B-40 (single bull) 4

Air pistols vary in price and can cater to all ages. Here is a small list of sources for pistols, pellets and backstops: USA Shooting also has a pistol for sale. For pricing and more information contact: Youth Programs Manager 1 Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-866-4889

NRA Junior Progressive Pistol Brochure  

A guide to NRA Junior Progressive Pistol

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