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NRA rules for safe gun handling:

• ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

INTRODUCTION Numerous opportunities exist for young people interested in pistol shooting sports. The Olympic events include Men’s and Women’s Air Pistol and Smallbore (.22), Men’s Free and Rapid Fire Pistol events as well as the Women’s Sport Pistol event. The junior event created to lead to these events is called Junior Progressive Position Air Pistol (PPP). USA Shooting and the National Rifle Association both support this event and hold a jointly sponsored National Junior Progressive Position Air Pistol Championship annually. Several other organizations, including 4-H and Boy Scouts of America Venturing, offer youth programs for pistol shooting. Contact local chapters to find out if the program is offered in your area. Some schools and many local shooting clubs provide youth shooting sports programs as well. Another great place to find local information is your state level shooting association PPP is a great introduction to shooting sports as equipment, particularly the ammunition, is cleaner, quieter and inexpensive. Temporary ranges can easily be set up in any large area (for instance a gym), as these guns do not require a permanent backstop or special ventilation system. The firing distance is only 10 meters (just under 33 feet). The rules provide for a logical progression in positions from fully supported with the pistol fully resting on a table and using both hands, up to the International

one-handed position. By providing appropriate support for developmental level young athletes, they can experience early success while learning proper technique. The PPP program is designed and intended to be a developmental vehicle that allows junior athletes the opportunity to learn the foundation skills of shooting sports and have the opportunity to participate in competitions. This provides the opportunity for the development of confidence and knowledge at an early age with a minimal investment. There are three positions in this program: the basic supported position, standing supported position, and the International position. The supported positions should be used as transitional tools along the path of athletic development while the athlete develops the upper body strength and skill level needed to shoot in the unsupported standing position which is the foundation of all international and conventional shooting sports. The rules of the first position are written very broadly, so coaches can progress athletes incrementally within the position without being forced to go to the next position before they are ready. Supported positions are not intended as an end in themselves. Coaches should encourage their athletes to progress to the standing supported position and then to the one-handed standing position as they become proficient with basic skills and their hands are large and strong enough to do so safely.

NRA Junior Progressive Pistol Brochure  

A guide to NRA Junior Progressive Pistol

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