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ational Defense is an American Heritage. NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division invites you to start this match at your club!


NRA Competitive Shooting presents the National Defense Match. An exciting new tactical match designed to mimic real-life training and tactics.

The National Defense Match—

The future of NRA Competitive Shooting


he inaugural National Defense Match will be held at Camp Perry this year. The first National Defense Match will be by invitation only, but it is NRA’s goal is to have clubs across the country utilizing the course of fire used in the match. This match is by no means a replacement for conventional NRA High Power Rifle competition. Competitors will find that there are some dramatic differences to this match then what they might be used to. For starters, there will be no alibis, and competitors will be required to wear your rifle for the duration of the match. Just like our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, & Airmen, you will be required to wear your rifle as if out in the field.

For more information on the National Defense Match and other exciting new Tactical courses of fire being developed by the NRA, contact Trey Tuggle at:, or call 703-267-1487.

Permitted Firearms

The three firearms allowed for the match will be Tactical Limited, Tactical Optic, and Open. • Tactical Limited and Optic rifles will have a 4.5 lbs or greater trigger and a barrel of 20 inches or less. Sights in Tactical Limited must be field grade flip ups or fixed. • In Tactical Limited, no more than one non-magnified electronic or optical sight is permitted. No target aperture sights will be allowed. • Tactical Optic rifles may be equipped with no more than one electronic or optical sight. • Open will be any rifle with a trigger less than 4.5 lbs. and or a barrel of greater than 20 inches. Bipod is allowed in open and must be stowed before start of COF. • The match is not restricted to AR-15 platforms. Any modern defensive rifle that is safe will do. No coupled or drum magazines may be used. • Participants must use their approved firearm and may not reconfigure it during the match.

The National Defense Match will be the premier NRA Tactical Competition when it debuts Summer 2011. Rifles such as the SCAR pictured above will be permitted in National Defense Match Competition.. Photo courtesy of

Sharing Equipment You are required to wear your rifle for the duration of the match and you must have a rifle on your person at all times. You may trade rifles with another competitor if you have made special squadding requests.

Scoring This is a time plus penalties match. The winner will have the lowest time. • 7, 15, and 30 yds - NRA NDM 5–120 - Hit on prescribed tombstone = +0 sec, miss tombstone but inside scoring ring = +1 sec, miss outside of scoring ring = +5 sec • 60 and 100 yards NRA D–1 Hit on target = +0 sec, miss = + 5 sec • 200 and 300 yards NRA D–1 Hit on target = + 0 sec, miss = + 10 sec • 400 and 500 yards NRA D–1 Hit on target = + 0 sec, miss = + 15 sec

The NRA NDM 5-120 target, developed exclusively for the National Defense Match

The NRA D-1 target was developed for NRA Action Pistol, and is the preferred target for the long range portions of the National Defense Match

Course of Fire

D-1 or equivalent

NDM 5-120


Load mags to 10 standing 6 standing


7 yds

10 6

15 yds

15 20

5, 10 10, 10

standing standing, right & left of barricade

30 yds



standing, right & left of barricade



standing, kneeling, prone, kneeling, standing

60 yds

10 15

5, 5 5, 10

100 yds






5, 5







sitting from a chair off of barricade prone

400 yds

5 5

5 5

kneeling (optional barricade) prone

500 yds

5 5

5 5

prone (optional barricade) prone

200 yds

300 yds



Notes 2 @ each 2 @ bottom 1 @ top, 2 @ bottom 1 @ top 5 @ WT. mag change 2 @ each 2 @ ea. mag change 2 @ each 1 @ ea. strong hand 1 @ ea. weak hand 2 @ ea. white

kneeling, right & left of barricade standing, kneeling, prone

5, mag change 5 5, mag change 5, 5

standing, kneeling, kneeling, standing standing, kneeling, prone, kneeling, standing

2 shots each position R & L barricade 2 shots each position

kneeling, prone (optional barricade) prone

5 kneeling, mag change, 5 prone 5 strong hand, 5 weak hand

Fig. 1

NRA D-1 front

2’X6’ Barricade Front Side view

NDM 5-120 target

Side view

Quick Facts • The majority of the Course of Fire for the National Defense Match takes places at short ranges, closely mimicking real world scenarios. • A 500 yard range is NOT required to run a NDM match. For instance to run a NDM out to 100 yards just use the COF of 7, 15, 30, 60 and 100 yards. If you have a 500 yard range then shoot the COF out to the distance you feel applicable to your competitor base. • A no muzzling/sweeping policy will always be in effect, and empty chamber indicators are required. • To score the targets it may be easier and quicker to have the competitor shoot both of his yard line strings on one target then go down range and score the target. • The target NDM 5-120 is used at 7, 15, and 30 yards then switch to a full sized NRA D-1 tombstone (or equivalent) for 60 yards or more. • The only other equipment needed is a shot timer, target stands and a barricade. The target stands and barricade are easily made from materials available through your local hardware store. See Figure 1. • The point of this match is readiness and with that theme this match will be administered differently than other matches currently running. • E-mail based applications will be the preferred method for NDM Matches. This way some people might have the opportunity to come shoot the match early in the morning or after kids come home from school, after work, etc. • Prior to the match, notify your competitors when the match will be held. Those who are available can shoot the match at a time that is convenient for them. • If a competitor signs up and cannot make it, they can just come to the next announced match. • Note that rimfire rifles may be used on 100 yard courses of fire. • Please remember, the National Defense Match is in its infancy. With time, proper thought, and most importantly, clubs across the country administering this new competition, the NDM Match will serve its competitors for generations to come. Information in this publication may be subject to change. • Learn more about this year’s NDM in the 2011 Camp Perry Program, viewable online here:

NRA Competitive Shooting - Exercising our Second Amendment Rights

National Rifle Association Competitive Shooting Division 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030 For Corporate Sponsorship opportunities please call 877-672-6282 or e-mail Copyright 2011. National Rifle Association. Designed by John Parker, NRA Competitive Shooting.

NRA National Defense Match Guide  

An introduction to an exciting new tactical course of fire developed by NRA Competitive Shooting, that mimics real-life training and tactics...

NRA National Defense Match Guide  

An introduction to an exciting new tactical course of fire developed by NRA Competitive Shooting, that mimics real-life training and tactics...