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Table of Contents Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)....................................8 Map of Camp Perry...................................................................13 National Matches Calendar.....................................................12 National Rifle Association (NRA) ...........................................15 NRA Awards Ceremony Schedule..............................................5 NRA National Championships Sponsorship Directory.......20-23 Story of Camp Perry.................................................................16

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities 1-877-NRA MATCH 3

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The Getaway that’s not Far Away

Pistol Awards July 16 SB Rifle Position Awards July 23


SB Rifle Prone Awards July 28 Springfield M1A & Team Awards August 7 HP Rifle Awards August 12 HP Long Range Awards August 16 Hough Theatre, Bldg 2

8:00 PM

Please check the Match Director’s Bulletin for any changes.


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Newly Available for 2011!

3/8/11 4:03:19 PM

This first in a series of Camp Perry prints showcases the majesty and triumph of the Pistol Phase of the National Matches in world-famous tactical artist Dick Kramer’s signature style.

Available at the NRA Sales & Memorabilia Store, Building 902. Open July 11-August 16. Also available for purchase online at the NRA Program Materials Center. http://materials.nrahq.org/go/home.aspx

This item is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience the spectacle of the NRA National Matches at Camp Perry. Dick Kramer joins forces with NRA Competitive Shooting to bring you this one-of-a-kind piece, featuring shooters & landmarks from the National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry. Rich in detail, this print captures all the magic of the National Matches in a simple, captivating display for your office, den, or club lobby. The images in the piece are featured with Kramer’s signature attention to detail and hand-drawn craftsmanship.

Action Pistol championship 10 years Jessie Goff

30 years Olie Barjenbruch

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Promoting Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Since 1903 Welcome to the National Matches! It’s another exciting summer on the Lake Erie shoreline near Port Clinton where thousands of competitors gather each year to test their marksmanship skills and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow shooters. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), in concert with the National Rifle Association and the Ohio National Guard present the National Rifle and Pistol Matches each year as part of a marksmanship tradition that dates back more than 100 years. In fact it’s the CMP’s mission to bring new shooters into the world of marksmanship by providing firearms safety and instructional programs for U.S. citizens, with an emphasis on youth. Its mission has remained unchanged since its inception in 1903 by an act of Congress.

also operates a twin of the Camp Perry range at CMP South in Anniston, Alabama. CMP provides safety and marksmanship programs for junior and adult shooting clubs, JROTC units, 4-H Shooting Sports clubs, school and college shooting teams, Boy Scout camps, summer youth camps, state rifle and pistol associations and a variety of others. Firearms safety and marksmanship training is delivered by CMP through a national network of affiliated shooting clubs and state shooting associations.

To fund these activities, the Federal law which created the organization gives the CMP authority to sell surplus rifles, ammunition and CMP is also home to one of North memorabilia. ProAmerica’s most sophisticated indoor air gun ranges. The center will be open ceeds from sales are used to support the current operation of the CMP and to throughout the National Matches for open target shooting and official match fund a permanent endowment to provide for CMP youth programs into the future. competition using .177 caliber air pistols and air rifles, including the National To learn more about CMP Programs Match Air Rifle, air cylinder-powered and Sales, log onto www.odcmp.com. clone of the AR15 match rifle. CMP


You are cordially invited... NRA Match Director’s Reception Camp Perry Conference Center 5pm to 7pm Tom Hughes, Pistol MD - Wednesday, July 13 H.Q. Moody, Smallbore MD- Monday, July 25 H.Q. Moody, Highpower MD- Monday, August 8

free hors d’oeurves & drinks; National Matches door prizes

July 3


NRA HP Long Range Championship

Aug 14

NRA/Springfield M1A Match Whistler Boy Team Match 2nd Amendment Team Match NRA M1A and Team Award Ceremony

Aug 7

CMP/USMC Jr. HP Clinic CMP/Rem. Adv. Adult HP Clinic CMP-USAMU SAFS (M-16 – EIC) Squadded Practice Volunteer Training

July 31

July 24 NRA S.B. Prone (Iron) CMP Rimfire Sporter Match NRA Jr. S.B. Rifle Camp NRA College Night NRA Mentor Match

CMP Awards Ceremony

July 17 CMP President’s 100 CMP NTI CMP NTT CMP Shooter Reception

July 10 SAFS Pistol Registration Volunteers Arrive

12 NRA HP Long Range Award Ceremony

NRA Palma Individual

Aug 16

NRA Competitor Meeting

Match Director’s Reception

Aug 15

Aug 9 NRA HP Rifle Championship

Aug 8 NRA Teams Rumbold Enlisted RNDC

NRA Long Range Championship NRA Competitor Meeting


Aug 2

Volunteer Banquet

NRA Team Day (Met/Any) Dewar and Randle Teams NRA Whistler Boy NRA Jr. Smallbore Camp

July 26

Volunteers Arrive

Range Change

July 19

July 12 CMP Warm-up Match NRA Harry Reeves (PM) NRA Dist. Revolver (PM) NRA Pistol Practice (AM) NRA Jr. Pistol Camp

CMP President’s 100

Aug 1

Match Director’s Reception

NRA Competitor Meeting

July 25 NRA S.B. Prone (Iron) NRA Jr. S.B. Rifle Camp

RSO Training

Range Change

July 18

1st Shot Ceremony Shooter’s Reception

CMP-USAMU SAFS Pistol CMP M9/EIC Volunteer Training

July 5

July 4

July 11



NRA Jr. S.B. Rifle Camp

Aug 17

NRA Palma Team Match

Volunteer Banquet

Aug 10 NRA HP Rifle Championship

Aug 3 CMP Jr. Team Match CMP Hearst Doubles USMC NTIT Clinic

Swap Meet

NRA Made in America Match

July 27 NRA S.B. Prone (Any)

Volunteer Training

NRA Smallbore Practice

July 20

Match Director’s Reception

Aug 4

Aug 18

Swap Meet

Aug 11 NRA HP Rifle Championship

CMP M1 Carbine Match


NRA Awards Ceremony

NRA Jr. S.B. Rifle Camp

July 28 NRA S.B. Prone (Any)

July 21 NRA S.B. Position (Iron) USAMU SB Clinic NRA Competitor Meeting NRA College Night

Volunteer Banquet

Swap Meet

July 14 NRA .22 Championship NRA Jr. Pistol Camp

July 7

July 6 July 13 NRA Prelim Pistol Aggregate NRA Jr. Pistol Camp



National Matches Calendar – 2011 July 8 – August 17 (Draft)

Aug 6 CMP Garand Match CMP Springfield/Miltary Bolt Rifle Match

Aug 5 CMP NTIT CMP Springfield/Military Bolt Rifle Match CMP Shooter’s Reception

Aug 19

NRA Awards Ceremony

Aug 12 NRA HP Rifle Championship

Aug 20

NRA HP Long Range Championship (1000X2)

Aug 13

CMP National CMP Games Matches Closing and Awards

CMP-USAMU SAFS Rifle CMP/USMC Jr. HP Clinic CMP/Rem. Advanced Adult HP Clinic Volunteer Training

SAFS Rifle Registration CMP/USMC Jr. HP Registration and Clinic CMP/Rem. Advanced Adult HP Registration and Clinic RSO Training Volunteers Arrive

CMP Awards Ceremony

July 30 Range Change

NRA Awards Ceremony

Jr. Drew Cup Postal Team NRA SB Prone Practice (PM) NRA Jr. SB Camp(Reg) CMP RF Sporter Clinic

July 23 NRA S.B. Position Team

NRA Awards Ceremony

July 16 NRA .45 Championship NRA Jr. Pistol Camp

July 9


October 26, 2010

July 29 Range Change

July 22 NRA S.B. Position (Any)

July 15 NRA CF Championship NRA Jr. Pistol Camp NRA Mayleigh Cup Match NRA Competitor Meeting

July 8




902 1000 904







Commercial Row G



Permanent Display

P CMhouse re e Wa& Stor



Coin Laundry

CMP Air Gun Range

Tennis Court

Conference Center (clubhouse)

Military Transient Quarters




Camp Perry Range Ops



Hough Theatre NRA HQ

Hough Row Motels

Lost & Found


Mess Hall


RV Park




WWII Huts InProcessing PARKING Housing Modules Cottage

902 904 950 1000

NRA Store NRA Volunteer Office NRA Entry/Awards/Finance


NRA Stat Office




**Map is not to scale



Your Ad Here Ads starting as low as $50

Call Toll Free 1-877-672-6282 ext 1485 request an ad packet or download online: www.nrasportsponsors.com 100% Ad Revenue supports NRA Volunteers!

Tri State Gun Collectors Inc. Lima, Ohio

419-738-3313 A non-profit organization that supports the NRA & other local events. “Member Owned” Organization

For For more more information: information:

Toll Toll Free: Free: 1-877-NRA-Match 1-877-NRA-Match www.nrahq.org/compete www.nrahq.org/compete

Jimmy Russell President 307 Fulton Street Port Clinton, OH 43452 Bar (419) 732-2760 Kitchen (419) 732-7337

Winner People’s Choice Award Best Pizza In Ottawa County


For more information email: actionpistol@nrahq.org

NRA Store - Bldg. 902 Sales and Memorabilia The NRA Store is your one‑stop shop for National Rifle Association and Camp Perry merchandise. T‑shirts, sweats, po‑ los, hats, pins, decals, mugs, and other souveneirs are available. Come early to catch the best deals on last years dis‑ counted merchandise!


NRA Competitive Shooting Competitive Shooting is one of the founding disciplines of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), dating back to its creation in 1871. For over 100 years, NRA competitive shooting has offered a wide range of activities in all types of shooting disciplines throughout the year. Thousands of competitive shooters have gone through NRA sanctioned events to improve their skills, while enjoying the thrills that go with the sport. Historically, the NRA has governed and advanced the shooting sports in the United States. Competitive shooters come from all 50 states and across the globe to participate annually in various shooting competitions.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert world class champion or somewhere in between, the NRA has a program to suite your experience and skill level. The NRA sanctions over 10,000 shooting tournaments and conducts 50 national championships each year. Camp Perry, OH is the home to the annual NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships. These matches, considered to be America’s “World Series of Shooting Sports” have been a tradition at Camp Perry since 1907. Each summer, the nation’s finest civilian and military marksmen and women square off for five weeks of rifle and handgun competition in a variety of formats and events. With thousands of spectators and nearly 6,000 people competing annually in pistol, smallbore, and high power events, the NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships are one of the largest sporting events held in the country today.

NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division offers a wide range of activities in all types of shooting.

For more information

1-877- NRA- MATCH

Camp Perry

“It takes you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” said Col. Dean Brown, commander of the training installations within A brief overview the Ohio National Guard. Brown frequently vacations at Camp Quietly tucked away in the most Perry, often taking his granddaughters. “It’s a unsuspecting of places, one of Ohio’s most great place for children to play,” Brown said. comfortable and convenient attractions is hidden “It’s safe, it’s quiet, extremely quiet, and it’s full away in the midst of a historical U.S. Army base. of friendly people.” Resting on the calm beaches of Lake Erie, Camp Nearby attractions include Cedar Perry offers a variety of accommodations, all Point, Kelly’s island, Put-in-bay, Soak City, within an hour’s drive of roller coasters, safari Island Adventures Family Fun Center, African animals, history museums, boating and all the Adventures Wildlife Park, the Maritime wineries, mini golf courses, water parks and Museum of Sandusky, Skateworld, Seneca unique dining experiences needed to escape Caverns-Registered Natural from the “daily grind.” Landmark, Edison’s Camp Perry has Birthplace and many more. something for every type Camp Perry’s of vacationer, from single lodging is within walking rooms, motels and cottages distance of the beach and to a full service 40-site offers wireless internet. recreational vehicle park They offer lodging for single and tent campground, all occupancy all the way up to eight per cottage. at reduced rates for military service men and “It has all the amenities of home,” women. Brown said. Camp Perry was established in 1906 Camp Perry’s conference center’s can as a 640-acre Ohio National Guard training accommodate between 10 and 500 people for center and has served the community for formal or informal gatherings such as wedding over a century. It began hosting the National receptions, business meetings, and banquets Rifle Association’s National Rifle matches in while offering a scenic beach view of Lake Erie September 1907, though the Ohio Legislature from the patio and deck. did not even officially name the installation To make reservations or receive more Camp Perry until May, 1908. information on Camp Perry, visit the Camp The facility is home to the largest Perry Lodging and Conference Center website at outdoor shooting range in the world, but don’t www.cplcc.com or call toll-free at let the ranges and historic displays of tanks and helicopters fool you, it is also a beach resort with 1-888-889-7010. two piers on the Southern shores of Lake Erie.

“Camp PerrY has something for every type of vacationer”

the new match standard™

looking for Consistency? Dedicated Machinery Means Uniform Consistency Production Lots Are Never Mixed Each Bullet is Visually Inspected Our Quality is Legendary! Nosler Hollow Point: Provides small meplat for reduced drag and increased aerodynamic efficiency. Custom Quality Jacket: Engineered to exhibit unmatched accuracy. Form-Fitted, Lead-Alloy Core: For maximum bullet stability and balance. Pronounced Boat Tail Design: Provides excellent flight characteristics over a range of velocities. ®




Discover, Learn, Compete... The National Matches provide an excellent opportunity for new and veteran shooters alike to discover new shooting techniques, learn the latest in marksmanship skills and compete with the best in the nation.

Visit us at Camp Perry and plan to join us for upcoming events...

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That’s right, bring this coupon to the CMP Marksmanship Center and get a FREE 2011 CMP National Trophy & CMP Games lapel pin. Limit one per coupon.

Shop the CMP North Store - over 400 rifles on display, plus ammunition, bayonets, shooting mats, books, manuals, apparel and more... • Check out CMP memorabilia for sale at the In-Processing Center including hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, airguns and more - (Building 3) • Visit our high-tech CMP Marksmanship Center for daily events and matches - try out the new NMAR AR15 clone - (East of Petrarca Range)

Upcoming Events... • 2011 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches in Phoenix, Arizona, 14-23 October • CMP Dixie Double, Anniston, AL, 4-6, November • Gary Anderson Invitational, Anniston, AL & Camp Perry, Port Clinton, OH, 9-10, December

Visit us at www.ODCMP.com

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Alpen Optics • ahg Anschutz • American Made Pen • ArmaLite, Inc. • Bassett’s Market • Benchmade Knife Company • Buck Knives, Inc. • Bushmaster Firearms • Berger Bullets • Brenzovich Firearms & Training • Center Shot Sports • Champion’s Choice • Cheaper Than Dirt • Chiappa Firearms • Caspian Arms • Creedmoor Sports • Chuck Delano • Civilian Marksmanship Program • Colt’s Manufacturing Company • Carbo Forge, Inc.• David Clark Company, Inc. • Durham Rifle & Pistol Club • ELEY Ammunition • Fred & Patricia Edgecomb • FNH USA • Finest Moments Photography • G&G Outfitters • Geissele Automatics • Good Night Inn, Inc • Mary Goss • Hansen’s Eagle Eye • Hodgdon Powder • Hornady • J. Dewey Manufacturing, Co. • Junior Sports Magazines, Inc. • Kevin Jeffries • KA-BAR Knives • KOWA Optimed • Krieger Barrels • LAPUA • LensPen • Mike McShea • Montana Gold Bullet • Nosler, Inc. • Ohio National Guard • International Training Concepts, Inc • Lake Erie Shores and Islands • Larry’s Guns, Inc • LEUPOLD • MidwayUSA • Montana Silversmiths • Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce • Ohio National Guard • Otis Technology, Inc.• Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce • Precision Delta Corporation • Remington Arms Company, Inc • Rock River Arms • Sinclair International • Smith & Wesson • Springfield Armory • Satern Custom Machining, Inc. • Eric & Monica Schaffer • Sierra Bullets • The Midwest E-Store • Tri State Gun Collectors Inc.• Universal Coin & Bullion • Ventco/Shooters Choice • White Oak Arms • Carl Walther GmbH • Warne Scope Mounts • WOLF Performance Ammunition • Wiley X • WKFM-K96 Radio • Zanders Sporting Goods • Zero Bullet Company •

Sincere and special thanks to those companies and individuals whose donations and hard work make the National Matches a huge success every year. Thank YOU!

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Carbo Forge

Specializing in Gun Slides and Frame Forgings

150 State Rte. 523 Fremont, OH 43420

419-334-9788 www.carboforge.com