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WHY HAVE A LEAGUE? For many years, NRA Sanctioned Leagues have been the major means of attracting new shooters and of allowing groups and individuals to compare their performances over a series of matches, which have the same conditions. Shooting is especially adaptable to league organizations and is equally attractive to many different bodies. League sponsorship may be fraternal, industrial, scholastic, neighborhood, or perhaps solely of a competitive nature with no other common interest. The real point is that to enjoy shooting to its fullest, the ingredient of companionship in a common effort needs to be added. While competitors enjoy proving their relative superiority to strangers, the thrill is multiplied when they demonstrate outstanding achievements to their friends. The members determine just how formal the league will be. It may be a league with the emphasis on the degree of improvement made by the competitors or it may be a league organized to determine the most skillful shooter under stringent regulations and strict enforcement of rules. Sanctioned leagues are fired under the same general conditions that govern NRA sanctioned tournaments and the scores obtained are reported to NRA for inclusion in classification records.

LEAGUE SPONSORSHIP Leagues are generally identified with organizations already in existence. However, there is no reason why a league cannot be a separate entity. Companies, schools, fraternal organizations, recreational associations, as well as shooting clubs sponsor leagues. Leagues can operate on a shoulder-to-shoulder basis, that is, two teams shoot a match with both teams present on the range at the same time, or be postal leagues in which teams fire on their home ranges and compare scores by mail. Leagues provide a greater operational choice than any other type of organization for target shooting.

GETTING STARTED The following paragraphs are a guide to league organization and operation. The many options offered by the NRA in support of your league are the result of advice gathered from successful league operations over the years and from all parts of the country.

League Council

If a league is to be a successful organization and promote the interest of its members, it must establish a working body to govern, promote and administer the league. One title for this group is the League Council. League Councils take many forms. Here are the two extremes: One, when a single organization is involved, made up of Officers or Executive Committee; or a specially selected council when several organizations are represented. The important thing is that the council be representative of the participating organizations and be provided with the authority to act in league matters. In order to ensure effectiveness, a chairman or president is selected. His principal assistant is the Secretary-Treasurer who serves as the Council’s agent. Additional jobs should be parceled out as they are identified. Publication of results, for example, merits the attention and specialization of one individual. Interest and participation in a league is increased greatly by quick and accurate bulletin board posting. 9

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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