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190 200

199 209

$140.00 $145.00

$0.74 $0.73

390 400

399 +

$240.00 $245.00

$0.62 $0.61


Leagues must consist of not fewer then three teams (4 or more competitors per team) or 10 or more individuals. A league may be made up from within a single organization.

Leagues enter as a unit and are operated by their own elected officers.



Leagues choose their own courses of fire from the appropriate rule book, establish their firing schedule, handicapping system, prize schedule, etc.

Current NRA Rules govern all firing.



The schedule should be so arranged that a team in the league fires against every other team at least once. In a league of individuals, each should fire against the other at least once within the league schedule

A handicapping system may be used to determine the league winner.


AWARDS: Supplied by the league. CHALLENGES AND PROTESTS: Each league should appoint an Official Scorer or a Scoring Committee. When scoring of a target is challenged, the decision of the league Official Scorer or Scoring Committee shall be final. Targets should not be sent to NRA for scoring. Protests are handled according to NRA Rule 16.

NRA Rulebooks can be purchased from the NRA Program Material Center


2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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