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capped on a 70% basis. The final Standing and awards are as follows: Team




Wellsburg Clearview

6 5

1 2

1st Place Trophy 2nd Place Trophy (won shoot-off)

Riverport Harners Park Murphyville Herrodsburg Indiantown Jeromsville

5 4 3 2 1 1

2 3 4 5 6 6

Individual aggregate scores were used to select the All-League Team of 10 members as follows: Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Shooter R. Newberry W. B. Jones H. F. Antworth B. L. Parrilli O. H. Olsen H.W. Schmidt P. D. Murphy D. C. Brown V. L. Smith R. K. Tenulsky M. Y. Hamer S. A. McReady

Team Clearview Wellsburg Murphyville Wellsburg Riverport Herrodsburg Indiantown Harners Park Clearview Jeromsville Wellsburg Riverport

Score 2144 2141 2138 2137 2131 2128-777 (stand) 2128-746 (stand) 2120 2119 2117 2116 2114

Reward Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard Brassard

The foregoing scores have been reported to NRA for inclusion in the National Classification System. Secretary League Council Sample Bulletin (League of Individuals) ORANCO Industrial NRA Sanctioned Pistol League Following are final standing of the ORANCO Industrial Pistol League for the 20xx Summer Season. Matches were conducted on the ORANCO Outdoor Pistol Ranges on the third Sunday, each month, June through September. Course of fire was a National Match Course with each of 3 guns, .22 caliber, center-fire, .45 caliber, with the 3 high matches counting in the final standings. The NRA Classification System was used with the League Championship award to the high scoring member regardless of class. Additional awards were made to the high scoring members in each class based on one award for each 10 entries in a class: 33

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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