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cooperate with the National Rifle Association in such other manner as may be required in order to permit disciplinary action by the national organization. Any individual who stands disbarred from competition by the National Rifle Association shall automatically stand disbarred from competition in this league.

LEAGUE BULLETINS The sample bulletins that follow show two typical but different leagues. Neighborhood League The Rosemont Recreational Rifle League is a neighborhood league of eight 5-man teams, each representing a club from a nearby town. Five of the clubs have home ranges while the other three share the Rosemont Recreational Center Rifle Range. The operational plan used is schedule of 2 matches between each of the teams. Matches are handicapped on a 70% plain with the team captains maintaining rolling average of the scores from the last 3 matches for each of his shooters. The course of fire is the Ÿ International Course of 50ft using the A-36 target and NRA International Rifle Rules. The league selects an All-League Team of 10 members based on the aggregate scores of all matches fired by team members. The bulletin for this league reports the standings and won and lost record of each team, the aggregate score of each team member in order of excellence and the prizes awarded. Industrial League The ORANCO Industrial Pistol League is a league of individuals employed by the same company who provides, as part of its employee recreational program, an outdoor pistol range. The operational plan is one in which a monthly shoot is held once over the National Match Course with each of 3 guns, .22 caliber, center-fire and .45 caliber. Winners are selected on the basis of individual aggregate scores from the 3 high monthly shoots. The NRA Classification system is used, with prizes being prorated to the classes. The bulletin for this league reports the winners, overall and in class, all the scores fired by league members both those that count in the aggregate and the one discarded, prizes awarded and the order of excellence in Class. Both bulletins briefly describe the conditions of league competitions and are distributed to all league members. League bulletins may follow the format shown or may use one of their own choosing. One of the responsibilities league management must assume is to inform its members of the results of the league competitions. The information that is on the sample bulletins is about average for the type of league portrayed. Sample Bulletin (League of Teams) Rosemont Recreation NRA Sanctioned Rifle League The League conducted its 20xx-x Winter Season as a home-and-home series among its 8 teams. Teams representing Clearview, Harner Park and Herrodsville used the Rosemont Recreation Range as their home range. The course of fire for all matches was the Gallery Smallbore Rifle Course of 10 shots in each position, prone, kneeling and standing, on the A-36 targets. NRA rules governed the competition. Teams were 5-man. A dummy score of the teams’ average was used when teams were short members for a match. All matches were handi32

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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