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Time Limits: 75 minutes – 40 shots; 105 minutes – 60 shots Target: B-40/1 or B-40/4 Pistol: NRA International Pistol Rule 3.7

REPORTING SCORES All scores fired in recognized NRA Courses of Fire (Rule 7) must be reported to NRA not later than 30 days upon completion of the League Firing Schedule in order that all individual competitors may receive credit on their classification record. In order to report scores from a League, all firing in that League must have been completed. The League Secretary then completes an appropriate NRA Score Reporting Form (SR card or computer listing) for each League member, giving the total score fired and the total number of shots. Each SR card must have the League member’s complete name, address and zip code. THE NRA ID NUMBER MUST BE INDICATED IN THE SPACE RESERVED FOR THIS PURPOSE. NON-NRA MEMBERS WHO HAVE RECEIVED A CLASSIFICATION CARD HAVE A SPECIAL NUMBER ASSIGNED TO THEM, WHICH IS INDICATED ON THE CLASSIFICATION CARD. THIS NUMBER MUST BE USED IN THE SPACE RESERVED FOR THE NRA ID NUMBER. All SR cards, properly completed, must be sent to NRA at the same time.

SAMPLE LEAGUE BYLAWS Name: The name of this league shall be _____________________________ Membership Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer and shall include such information and fee as the Council (or Executive Committee) shall require. The Secretary-Treasurer shall lay such applications before the Council at its next regular or special meeting for acceptance or rejection by ballot. Negative ballots shall be required to reject an application. Management The Management of the league shall be vested in a League Council and an Executive Committee. The council shall consist of one Delegate elected or appointed by each organization. The Council shall elect by majority vote, an Executive Officer who shall act as Chairman of the Council; a Secretary-Treasurer and a Public Relations Officer who acting together, shall constitute the Executive Committee. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to formulate and lay before the Council the league schedule of competitions, entry fees, prize awards, etc.; to appoint such Range Officers, Official Scores and other officials as may be required to conduct properly the league competitions; and to undertake such other duties as the Council may be resolution direct. It shall be the duty of the Council to act on the schedule of league competitions as prepared by the Executive Committee approving or amending it by majority vote. 30

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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