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target, B-24, in bands of 5, 18� on centers, is used at a reduced range of 50 ft.

International Center-Fire Pistol and Women’s Sport Pistol Range: 25 meters, turning targets. Shelters desirable. Course of Fire: 60 shots in 2 stages, 30 shots precision fire, 30 shots rapid-fire. Precision stage is in six 5-shot series. 50 sighters prior to beginning of the first stage. Rapid-fire stage is six 5-foot series, one 5-shot series of sighters permitted before beginning of the stage. Time Limits: Precision fire 6 minutes per 5-shot series. Rapid-fire target is exposed 5 times for 3 seconds each exposure, 7 seconds between each exposure for each series. Target: B-17 (precision), B-18 (Rapid-fire) Pistol: NRA international pistol rule 3.4 for Center Fire, 3.5 for ladies sport pistol. Commands: NRA international rule 10.10 Scoring: After 10 shots in statistics office for slow-fire stage, at the butts after 5 shots for duel stage Note: Gallery reduced international ladies smallbore pistol is fired over a similar course except reduced international targets, B-33, for the precision stage: B-24 for the dual stage, are used at a reduced range of 50ft.

International Standard Pistol Range: Any 25-yd or 25-meter range. Course Of Fire: 20 shots slow-fire, in 5-shot strings with a 2 ½ minute time limit each (30 seconds per shot). 20 shots timed-fire, in 5 shot strings with a 20 second time limit each. 20 shots rapid-fire, in 5-shot strings with a 10-second time limit each. Target: B-17 for use at 25 meters. B-19 for use at 25 yards. Pistol: Any conventional .22 Long Rifle caliber pistol capable of lifting 2.2 lbs., factory standard grips. International Pistol Rule 3.5. Scoring: After 10 shots at the butts or in the statistical office. Note: 50 ft. on B-33 targets. Commands: NRA International Pistol Rule 10.11


2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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