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Scoring: After each stage (12 shots) Note: Penalties are included in scoring. There will be a 10 point penalty for any premature start, for any round fired overtime, for each round fired over the designated amount, and for each round fired while supporting the weak hand or arm during the third segment at the 10 yard stage. (To fire this match indoors, the 25 yard stage is fired on the D-2 Target at 25ft and the 50 yard stage if fired at 50ft using the AP-2 target.)

INTERNATIONAL MATCHES (Use NRA International Rule Books) International Free Pistol Range: 50 meters (50yds optional) Shooting shelters desirable but not required. Course Of Fire: 60 shots in 6 series of 10 shots each and 15 sighters to be taken prior to starting record string. Time Limit: 2 hours. (17 minutes for sighters and each 10 shot record string) Target: B-17 (B-19 – 50yds) Pistol: .22 caliber Free Pistol (NRA Int’l Pistol Rule 3.6) Commands: NRA International Pistol Rule 10.12 Scoring: After each 30-shot series in the statistics office, scoring bench, back of the line. Note: Gallery reduced International Pistol is fired over a similar course except a reduced International target, B-11, is used at a reduced range of 50ft.

International Rapid-Fire Pistol Range: 25 meters, each target point has 5 targets mounted to turn individually and simultaneously on 2’6” centers. Shooting shelters are desirable. Course Of Fire: 30 shots in 3 series of two 5-shot strings, one shot of each string is fired on each target in the bank. Time Limits: Two 5-shot strings in 8 seconds each, two 5-shot strings in 6 seconds each, two 5-shot strings in 4 seconds each. Target: B-37 Pistol: NRA International Pistol Rule 3.3. Commands: NRA International Pistol Rule 10.8 Scoring: After 10 shots, 20 rounds on each target. Note: Gallery reduced international rapid-fire pistol is fired over a similar course except reduced international 26

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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