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Percentage Handicaps More league sports are handicapped under the percentage system than any other. Team Captains keep the averages for the shooters in their team. The average may be of all scores fired or it may be a rolling average in which the average of scores fired in the last stated number of matches, usually 3, is used. The average for team members is totaled for each team; the difference between two totals determined and the percentage of the difference, which was assigned at the beginning of the league season by the council, is awarded to the lower of two teams to be added to its score. Team Captains calculate the handicap prior to the start of the match. When the match is fired, the winner is the team who has the highest score including the handicap given the team with the lower average, even though the handicap score might exceed the perfect raw score for that course of fire. Handicaps are calculated to the nearest whole number.

Dropped Point System A Dropped Point System is based on a set of tables in which individual raw scores are converted to handicap scores. Handicap scores in the table are determined by comparison of the score fired to the shooter’s average score. Like other handicapping systems, the dropped point system rewards improvement. The system is best adapted for use in shoulder-to-shoulder league match operation, especially where a stated number of high scores from teams are used for the team score. Handicap tables are available from NRA.

Lewis Handicapped System While called a handicap system, in reality, it is a system of distributing prizes by chance. The number participating in a competition is divided by the number of prizes being offered. Prizes are then awarded on the basis of relative standing in the match’s order of excellence. A prize awarded to the leading competitor in each group – in this case, those placing 1st, 11th, 21st, 31st, and 41st – would receive prizes. The Lewis System will work better with a league of individuals rather than teams. It is also possible to superimpose the system over a conventional award distribution plan. Such a combined plan might award the first 3 prizes to the top 3 three winners with a number of other prizes distributed according to the Lewis System.

Pot Luck System This system is used primarily for novelty type special events. Under this plan, a competitor selects whatever number of handicap points he wants before firing. These points are added to his fired score and if the handicap points make a total of more than a possible score, the competitor is penalized 2 points for each point over a possible.

Example 1:

A competitor selects a handicap of 20 points and fires in a 300 possible match. His score is 260 to which the 20 points are added, giving him a total score of 280.

Example 2:

A competitor selects a handicap of 20 points and fires in a 300 possible match. His score is 295 to which 20 points are added, giving him a total of 315. This is 15 points more than a possible maximum score for that course of fire. This competitor is therefore, penalized 2 points for each point over the possible, or 30 points penalty. Taking the 30 points from the possible 300 gives him a handicapped score of 270.


2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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