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enforcement of this rule. They must witness and sign each record target and each target must show name, age, club, and date. Targets showing any signs of being “plugged� or otherwise altered will be disqualified. Targets are to be mailed to undersigned not later than the last day of the month. Results will be mailed out to all clubs within 2 weeks. Awards: Awards to winning competitors and clubs will be decided later. Entry Fee: $X.XX per club for postage, paper, etc.

Hawkeye Conference Winter Postal Program League: NRA Sanctioned Classification: Individuals will be classified according to their NRA classification-otherwise as Unclassified. Team: No team will be composed of fewer than four individuals. If more than one team is entered from one club, each will be named or numbered. The four highest scores in each position will be used for team scores. This will give more individuals a chance to contribute to the team score. Late Targets: Will be accepted from individuals without penalty until the due date for Stage 8, but only those targets received on time will be used for team scores! Unsigned Targets: No unsigned targets will be scored. Challenges: Must be made within ten days of receipt of the bulletin.


2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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