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Split League

If the total number of teams exceeds 12, the league may become too cumbersome for effective operation, unless it is divided into two separate divisions. Winners then shoot off at the end of the season to determine the league winner. The shoot off may vary from a simple shoulder-to-shoulder match between division winners to determine first and second places, to Round Robin Tournaments that match several of the ranking teams from each half schedule.

Match League

Some leagues, particularly those composed of individuals rather than teams, operate as a series of matches conducted at stated intervals, frequently on different ranges. Winners are usually selected on the basis of high aggregate score for a portion of the full series. As an example, the league season might consist of 6 matches and the league winner be selected as the shooter who had the highest aggregate score for any 4 of the 6 matches.

POSTAL LEAGUE With the escalating costs of travel, meals, etc., it has become very difficult to hold shoulder-to-shoulder matches in some parts of the nation. One solution is to hold Postal Matches in which teams fire on their home ranges and then send fired targets to a central place for scoring and distribution of results back to participating teams. Remember, scores fired in NRA Sanctioned Leagues are used for classification purposes. Below are some examples of Postal Leagues:

Northwestern Wisconsin Junior Smallbore Rifle Postal League Course of Fire:

December: January: February: March:

20 shots prone position 10 shots prone and 10 shots sitting 10 shots prone, sitting and kneeling 10 shots prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing

Target: A-17 Unlimited Rules: NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules Eligibility: All members of participating clubs may fire. There will be three divisions, with a first and second place winner for each division at the end of the season: Sub-Junior (Rule 2.3.2) Intermediate Junior (Rule 2.3.1) Junior (Rule 2.3) The average score of the top ten scores in each division of each club will count for that club’s monthly score. The club with the highest average monthly score for the season will be the winner. Each competitor will fire for record only once in each monthly match. Club leaders will be responsible for 13

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2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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