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AWARDS Leagues must establish their own award structure. NRA provides all the benefits of league affiliation except awards. The League determines the award requirement and purchases awards either from local sources or from the NRA Program Materials Center.

SCHEDULING One type of league operation that is common is a series of team matches so that each team meets every other team in the league a stated number of times during the season, usually twice, once on the home range of each team. The winner is the team that wins the largest number of matches. Following are several skeleton Home and Home Schedules that can be adopted to even numbered team leagues. To convert any of the following schedules to an odd number, use a bye for the odd team. Schedule A – 4 Teams Week 1 Team A - Team B Team C - Team D

Week 2 Team C - Team A Team D - Team B


Week 3 Team A - Team D Team C - Team B

2011 NRA Sanctioned League Handbook  

Guide to running an NRA Sanctioned League

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