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They responded to the wrong location. What a joke.. How did they pass the IQ test​ Kinda wish I was part Jewish to be on their ems service and have sirens and that many emergency lights on my vehicle.​. ‫ליפא אתה בחור זהב אבל למה אתה מתלבש כל כך טיפשי??? זה הורס את הטעם!!! אני מבין‬ ‫ אבל להתלבש כך זה מגוחך‬,‫​!!שאתה אולי לא ממש חרדי בתוכך‬.

720px-without-membership-eng-sub-mojo/. 93queen on pbs Wow. A little overkill. And why so many? Don't they have a rig? Here, a volunteer can only use amber. And you better not get caught with a siren. Amber. Just like a tow truck.​. 93 queen movie Her Yiddish is terrible (LOL)! Her New York accent is too strong and shows in her Yiddish.​ Main ST Flushing @ the LIRR & #7 train & Public Library.​ Rumblers on a caravan LMFAO​ A clear violation of NYVTL. I Wonder what their personal insurance providers think of this? As a matter of law you may only display one green light not the entire catalogue from Federal Signal!​. Useless sacks of shit​ My guess as a firefighter of what happened, confusion on the address of the call or they are staging per NYPD as two other hatzalah vehicles went down a different street towards the end​. 93 queen streaming and this is ny​ I cant wait to unmarked my altitude grand Cherokee​ This is in China or what?!​ Brooklyn in the house.​ Seven To A Cardiac Call? Lmao Ridiculous, I'd Understand Two Or Three At Most But Seven?​ Uhhh.... isnt Hatzolah for abulances and Shomrim for enforcement? And since when are they cleared to break traffic rules?​. Absolute cluster fuck.​ To all the haters, these private Hatzolah vehicles are all legal and registered with NYS DOH and comply with doh part 800. Do some research and you will figure out that Hatzolahs response time is about 8-10 minutes quicker then city EMS.​. Amazing. This made me smile. All 3 speakers are awesome in THEIR own way!​ This looks like it was a 1085 for nypd with the amount of coverage I see they all was moving in NYC that is all the time 1085 is high priority​ Thanks what was the incident here​ Fantastic video and units !!!​ Kinda makes me want to be a Jew ?​ Rachel Freier is the first Hasidic Jewish woman to be elected to public office in the United States history.​ This madness happens every day in NYC, yet volunteers a stones throw away in NJ can't have more than one 'courtesy' light and have to obey all traffic laws. Go figure.​ Christmas tree with full siren appproaching BMW Driver: I will pull into the intersection now. Edit: He didn't even have the green light when he cut off the approaching emergency vehicle... :|​.

93 queen review fucking jews.. hatzolah worst fucking people to ever encounter. think they're hot shit.​ Yes, there is a thing as too much flashing lights on your car ...​ I watched this 27 times and laugh every time. they kinda scared the New Yorkers like they were like wtf. Lol​ I did not just see a mini van police car ​ 93 queen film Maybe the most strange and also the coolest emergency response video I've ever seen. Simply stunning! :-) (I also have EMS videos just like Martin Piller, Czech man like me :-))​. what is hatzolah?​

Now, just imagine if a group of black or hispanic people tried this in Harlem. Too much flexing makes people hate you.​. Queens or Hong Kong? lol!!​

That is very embarrasing. Its even worse because its in the heart of downtown flushing where the most traffic is​ Damn I little over board with the lights and sirens. You do that in Jersey you getting some nice tickets. Also I can’t believe they are allowed to put wig wags on their personal, another things illegal in Jersey.​.

Last comment. What was the point of this? Like 5 of them got there and then made a u and left???​ Obviously that's what they do, only serve Jews and only Jews ! They are not serving any other community! They serve their private agenda , Jews for Jews, Can some one tell me where were they on 9/11 ? Did anyone see them? Helping, serving on that major day ? Hell no they hid some were and watch what all the Jews know is going to happen on that day ? No wonder no Jew died on 9/11, not even one from Hatzolah, because, they weren't around to do what they pretending to do.​. I have watched this video about 20 times, and the more I see it the more I'm impressed. I'm surprised how people disrespect someone saving their life. The reason so many people responded is because its all hands on deck. If you worked in Manhattan and seen the EMS get stuck in traffic, you have to rely on anyone getting there. The people who are

disrespecting these volunteers, God Bless their hearts. The funny part about the haters is, its not about the religion. Its about getting someone whomever to help save that persons life. Each year in the U.S., there are approximately 359,400 Emergency Medical Services (EMS)-assessed cardiac arrests outside of a hospital setting and on average, less than 10% of victims survive. Cardiac arrest affects people of all ages, but occurs more commonly in adults with prior heart disease. AED's ( automated external defibrillator) (AED), with CPR can more than double a victim’s chance of survival. I have seen a lot of incidents both in NY and Boston and all over. A lot of people don't want to get involved but it does not matter how many respond. They can show up dressed as Santa Claus or with a superman costume. If they save a life they are a hero. For people still disrespecting Hatzola and / or FDNY, believe me if it was your loved one or you who are in full arrest you would welcome anyone to help save your life. Finally, there response times are remarkable and they are on call and leave their jobs to respond. I would like you see this video of an ambulance stuck in traffic or this video Ok this one is even better Finally, For every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation, however, the chances of survival decrease by 7–10%,​. bisl shverige..?​ She is a beautiful soul, but Amerika's laws are definitely not in-line with Jewish values. Shabbat shalom!​ 93queen rotten tomatoes Bunch of village idiots​

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93Queen mystic hq  

93Queen mystic hq