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The Patent Since the year 2000, the Italian-based company Arcos Spa, always faithful to tradition and research has developed unique compression socks and obtained US patent n. 6,012.177 and n. 6,092,397. True to the Italian expression of innovation and creativity, these compression socks are suitable for a variety of uses ranging from travel, work, dress, medical, sport activities and recovery.

made in Italy


Travelsox® is a name brand manufactured in Brescia, Italy, by Arcos Spa, a worldwide renowned sock manufacturer and innovator. Employing Master Technicians, Arcos Spa uses sport specific designs, technical fibers and natural yarns to

...sox in the city

produce what is believed to be the finest socks in the world.

The one and only patented graduated compression sock

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US patent n. 6.092.397 Extra confortable trim Ultra stretch Reduces foot and leg swelling Superior fit and comfort Gradual compression to stimulate blood flow Extra smooth toe seam Latex free


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• Superior comfort • Easy on/off

• Gradual compression

• Helps stimulate blood flow • Reduce foot & leg swelling • A travel essential

...sox in the city

…but for your specific needs as well….

dress A trip to the city, whether it’s for business, shopping, sightseeing or any other purpose entails some thinking ahead. We need the right clothes according to the climate conditions and to the purpose of our trip. Comfort and looking good are usuallyimportant to us and we should be free of concerns about our clothing so we can feel comfortable in every situation.To reach these objectives, attention to small details is crucial, for example, wearing the right shoes, but better yet, the right socks. There is nothing moreannoying than having on your feet the shoes you like with an uncomfortable or unsuitable sock to go with it. You might wear an odour-free, sweat-free sock but not always trendy enough to go with the proper shoes and clothes and for the right occasion. Because quality is best found in functional detail, Arcos has now created a fashionable Italian high-quality compression sock for those who feel looking right but more importantly feeling right need to work together. The common denominator in all of the Arcos production is well-being and this is successfully achieved thanks to a patented design that works to gradually stimulate the blood flow, improve circulation but at the same time Arcos provides elegant patterns that come in a variety of colours to fit everyone’s needs on a busy day in the city.

made in Italy

…not just for travelling….

Supported by the Airline Medical Directors and the Aerospace Medical Association, the patented Italian-made sock helps DVT prevention, it alleviates a sensation of tiredness, avoid swelling especially in closed and cramped quarters. With just the right graduated compression, increased circulation is possible making this the perfect recommended sock for long-haul flights. Technical fibers contribute to keeping feet dry and energized all day long.

Travelsox is not just a graduated compression sock for travelling but suitable for a variety of uses under a new concept called “FEETNESS” SOFT

Travelsox Soft graduated compression socks are specifically designed for travel. They were developed in Italy using a patented design that helps stimulate blood flow reducing swelling while in close or cramped quarters for extended periods of time. Whether you’re on a plane, working on your feet as a nurse, doctor or cab driver...TravelSox Soft will keep you energized all day long.

Heavy-duty boots and shoes require the right sock to work properly. This patented graduated compression sock made in Italy is recommended to create the right synergy to help you get your job done. The padded foot bed coupled with moderate compression helps stimulate blood flow and increase circulation. The impact absorption system contributes to comfort and efficiency. It’s long-lasting, easy to wear and wash properties make it a favourite item for every worker.

This is an amazing patented product developed by a research team and with the collaboration of leading vascular and podiatric physicians. It was developed to alleviate many of the symptoms commonly associated with circulation problems without neglecting the difficulty of putting on and taking off the sock with ease. This unique graduated compression sock is manufactured with DryStat by Arko Sox, and provides the maximum comfort and protection.