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In 2007 we created the RRR composter, the first in which the concept of modularity was introduced. However, due to its geometry and the difference in size between the lower and the upper sides, this composter was neither compartmentable nor extendable in cross shape. It was called RRR because it fulfilled Compostadores始 policy of always producing 100% recycled, recyclable and recycled composters.

The RRR has been the foundation that has enabled us to innovate and create the only fully modular composter: the combox

The first one said, "I’ll design it”

The second one said, "I'll produce it"

The fifth one said, "I'll compartmentalize it”

The fourth one said, “I'll expand it”

The third one said, " I'll customize it”

THE CHALLENGES After a thorough examination of all the composters in the world, with their strengths and weaknesses, we began to ask ourselves some questions...

How to go go from the design of a composter to the ecodesign of a new generation of composters?

• •

We wanted a composter that allowed unlimited extensions. We wanted a composter that did not require added parts and was manufactured in its entirety with the same material, to facilitate recycling at the end of its useful life.

• •

We wanted a durable composter that would not become, in a few years, a bulky waste to be managed. We wanted to be eco-efficient in the transport and packaging and provide quick and easy assembly.

The combox mean the beginning of the new generation of ecodesigned, sustainable and limitless composters!

How to produce a high-quality composter with raw materials difficult to recycle and thus contribute to the mitigation of climate change?

We made several tests and trials with plastic waste that was going to landfills or incinerators. The possibility of using different kinds of waste as raw material made the composters a real way to reuse post-consumer waste less valued by the industries.

The combox help halt climate change in two ways: when manufactured and during their use.

the model

How to ensure the smooth operation of the new composters?

We built models, prototypes and pre-series versions to check their operation in extreme environmental conditions, as well as the coupling of parts and the usability of the composter after assembly. We also tested different structures, modularity and stacking systems.


use adaptability


Easy and , and , make these composters a never-seen-before creation!

How to reduce the environmental and economic impact of the packaging and transport of the composters?

We designed a packaging system, produced from recycled material, which could have other uses, required less space for transportation, was adaptable to different volumes and, in the end, could be recycled for the manufacture of a new composter. Furthermore, the material chosen neutralized CO2 emissions of its production. Also, the size of the different parts of the composters had to be that which maximized the space in the pallets, thus achieving efficient transport.


packaging system of the combox is recycled, reusable and recyclable

How to optimize the composting process?

We wanted a composter that not only could be customized at the time of purchase, but also that we could keep changing and adapting according to the amount and type of waste produced, depending on the season of the year.

The combox allow optimization of the composting process because they adapt to the season of the year.

How to spread on-site composting in different environments, including urban areas, and make it accessible to everybody?

The composters had to be modular, compartmentable and extendable, with no limits of size or shape, of variable height and easy to manipulate, adaptable to all kinds of spaces and

accessible to children and persons with reduced mobility.

The combox are unique because they allow the incorporation of a base that makes them suitable for paved floors

How to extend the composter?

We did not like the idea of having to buy a bigger composter, get rid of the small one or have two separate composters when more capacity was needed.

We wanted to have only

what was necessary and take advantage of existing parts to minimize the purchase of new ones. We wanted to extend the capacity from 2100 to 2400 litres, for example, just adding a single side, where, normally, with conventional composters, four sides are needed for every 300 litres.

The combox can easily be extended and thus the purchase of new parts is minimized.

How to integrate other elements in the composter?

We designed a construction system consisting of modules of 150 litres that allowed the configuration of the composters in shape and size. This fully modular and compartmentable system offered the possibility of converting sections into an integrated urban vegetable garden or storage for dry leaves or gardening tools.

The combox are compartmentable and can integrate multi-use elements

How to offer the best price for the best composters? To obtain a composter of the highest quality at the lowest

we had to design, manufacture and market it ourselves, and always with a high level of eco-efficiency. price,

The combox are an exclusive product from Compostadores

How to get total customization of the composters?

We believed that, in order to get to everybody and to all types of homes, we had to create a website, exclusively for the new composters, which allowed their configuration and customization at the time of purchase.

Different colours

Different patterns

The combox can be configured and customized at


with the dedication and enthusiasm of the whole team we managed to make the combox become a reality. The challenges were many and complex, but

The combox are a new generation of composters which are eco-designed, locally manufactured, highquality, adaptable, modular, compartmentable, extendable, versatile and accessible to everyone.

The combox help stop climate change, are transported efficiently and packed with recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging.

The combox can be configured and customized on the Internet, only at

DETAILS LID Integrated lid with drains which facilitate rain water drainage.

RING Ring which facilitates the handling of the rods. It can be easily removed and a new rod can be attached in its place.

LID INSIDE Lid with internal ribs that increase its strength and robustness.

HINGES The hinges prevent the upper sides from falling when any lower side is opened to remove compost.

ROD POINTED END The pointed end of the rods allow them to sink into the soil and thus increase the stability of the composter.

BASE HOLES Drain holes that allow the drainage of excess liquid, which accumulate in a small tray placed under the holes and can be used as liquid fertilizer.

BASE WITH LEGS The base has five legs that elevate the composter and allows the placement of a small tray underneath the drain holes for the collection and further use of the excess liquid (leachate) as a liquid fertilizer.

ROD Extensible rod that allows addition of modules with unlimited height. Behind the rod, the gap between the two sides provides proper ventilation.

LID JOINT The lid has two pivots that fit into corresponding holes in the sides

MODULES IN CROSS SHAPE Assembly of modules in cross shape allows endless extensions and shapes.




domestic and community

compartmentable universal





ef ficient


contemporary ECOmposter

100% recycled,


recycler and recyclable customizable


integrated adaptable

water-repellent multi-use compact

original attractive


ecological cutting-edge

variable esthetic

robust great










1500 1800


2100 ETC

Compare the combox with other composters Made from 100% recyclable materials

Made from100% post-consumer waste

Eco-designed and manufactured in the country with local raw materials

Extendable and compartmentable according to each need

Variable shape, adaptable to available space

Abiltity to integrate storage for structural material

Their base allow you to place them on pavement and take profit of leachate

Allow logo engraving

Five year warranty

Different colours










40 CM

40 CM 60







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3 - the limits are set by you  

The combox are a new generation of composters which are eco-designed, locally manufactured, high-quality, adaptable, modular, compartmentabl...

3 - the limits are set by you  

The combox are a new generation of composters which are eco-designed, locally manufactured, high-quality, adaptable, modular, compartmentabl...