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C1 Extranet Pack age – Product Sheet Composite 2010-09-29

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Control Access to You Website An extranet is a private network that uses the Internet to securely share a company’s internal information or resources with its customers, partners and other users. It is an effective way of doing business with a selected set of other companies without exposing private or sensitive information to general public access. The Composite.Community.Extranet package securely protects your websites that run on Composite C1 by allowing only registered users to view your website’s content and access its resources such as media files not available to the general public. The user-friendly administrative tools for managing users, groups and security are directly integrated into the C1 console.

If you want your website visitors to log on to and log off from your website, you can easily add these possibilities to your website using a number of XSLT-based and easy-to-redesign functions. It is also possible to provide a public registration on your website via the signup form available in the package. Besides, you can allow your registered users to manage their passwords if they forget or want to change them.

Features With the Extranet package you can:        

Control access to your website Quickly manage access with extranet groups Use forms to request users to sign in or allow them to sign up Display the user’s login status across the website Protect pages, media files or entire website Allow users to manage their passwords Use multiple extranets with multiple websites rd Access users and groups from external sources with 3 -party plug-ins

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C1 Extranet Package – Product Sheet

Controlling Access to W ebsite Do you want your users to log in to your website before viewing its pages and accessing media files? Add users to your extranet and grant access to your website only to registered users.

Managing Access with Extranet Groups Do you want to allow a group of users to access the same pages and files on your website? Use extranet groups to quickly grant access to your website to multiple users.

Using Forms for Signing In and Signing Up Have all non-authorized users redirected to the login page whenever they try to view protected pages or media files. Set up a login page and add the Login form to it. Do you want to allow users to register at your website on their own? Use the Signup Form. Choose whether they will be approved automatically or manually.

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C1 Extranet Package – Product Sheet

Displaying Login Status on W ebsite Keep the users aware of whether they are currently logged in to your extranet. Allow them to log off instantly no matter what page they are viewing at the moment. Add the Login Status information to web pages or page templates of your choice.

Protecting Pages, Media Files or Entire W ebsite Do you want to protect only a few pages of your website while keeping other pages accessible to the general public? Add extranet security to individual pages of your choice. Do you want all the pages to be protected? Set up the extranet security for the entire website. Do you have media files you want to allow access to registered users only? Add the extranet security to media folders with those files.

Allowing Password Management Are your users security-aware? Allow them to change their passwords whenever they want with the Change Password form. What if they forget their passwords? Help them retrieve their passwords via email with the Send Password form.

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C1 Extranet Package – Product Sheet

Use Multiple Extranets with Multiple W ebsites Do you have two websites and want a separate extranet for each of them? Set up another extranet by editing the Composite C1 configuration file. Select the extranet you want to use with a website.

Access Users and Groups from External Sources Do you want to get users and groups from a text file, a spreadsheet, or a CRM system? Use the Extranet plug-in model to develop your own extranet user and group providers linked to the external source of your choice.

Price Information Composite C1 Extranet: 1600 USD / 1200 EUR For more information on Composite C1 Extranet and its price, please visit

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C1 Extranet Package – Product Sheet

Extranet Product Sheet  

Composite 2010-09-29 Composite A/S Nygårdsvej 16 DK-2100 Copenhagen Phone +45 3915 7600 If you want your website visitors...

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