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Eat your dessert first Moses wrote in Psalm 90: l God’s Good News “The days of our years are Dr. David threescore Bouler years and ten; and if by reason of strength they Guest Columnist be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow, for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” (Psalm 90:10) Almost all of us have heard the statement, “Life is short, eat your dessert first.” Besides being a great commercial for pecan pie, hot-fudge sundaes, strawberry shortcake and for some rhubarb pie, this statement also conveys a message. Life is short! As we look at the people around us we are reminded that no one lives forever. Each week in the paper a new group of notices on the obituary page gives us evidence of this fact. To really make it personal, one day I will die and so will you. So, what truth do we get from this undeniable fact? It suggests to us, “Since you don’t know how long you are going to live, eat your dessert first,

because you do not want to die eating squash, or something you really don’t care for. Now, I must admit I see great wisdom in this approach. There are some foods I do not desire to eat dead, alive or dying – brussel sprouts, liver or squash are all high on my list. I almost forgot, let me add raw broccoli to this list. I must admit I would rather have a warm slice of Mary’s delicious apple pie with ice cream than brussel sprouts. But there is another point to all this, “Eat your dessert first” seems to say that life is only about our personal pleasure. But, really, doesn’t life and the Bible teach us to work first and then enjoy some pleasure? If all you eat is a dish of just dessert you will soon have decayed teeth, an overweight body, and other problems. So, realizing life is short – work hard, play regularly, and, most of all, love the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart. Take each day as a gift from God, love your family and your neighbor, read your Bible and pray enjoying your walk with the Lord. Then I think you will discover, “This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24). It is even possible as life goes along that we will discover we have developed a taste for brussel sprouts.

Wisdom from above By Ellen Cogswell

Let us draw a line between wisdom And the knowledge we‘ve stored up The source of wisdom is from above Extended by Grace from an overflowing cup False wisdom is a menace to man A method of seeking earthly gain Using knowledge to overcome others Having goals to secure and maintain Boasting to men to be fully wise Reflects not what wisdom’s about Only to lead to self destruction Living a fruitless life creating doubt Wisdom received by pleading of faith A blessing we all can express with care Peaceful gentle, and easy to entreat Producing fruits of righteousness Every good work from a humble heart Without envy, confusion or strife Are the results of purity obtained By heavenly wisdom guiding your life.

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FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, DISCIPLES OF CHRIST: 124 Cora, Aubie McSwain, Pastor, 598-3512. FIRST CHRISTIAN, TIMPSON: Rex Humphreys, Min., 254-3389. WOODLAND CHRISTIAN: Timpson, TX, Jon Forrest, Min., 254-2756. CHURCH OF CHRIST CHURCH OF CHRIST: 110 Hurst St., Tim Perkins, Min., 598-2945. JAMES CHURCH OF CHRIST: James Comm., 598-3081. CHURCH OF CHRIST: 3216 Loop 500 E., Center, Larry Howard, Min., 5989915. MARTINSVILLE CHURCH OF CHRIST: Hwy 95 behind school, William Eddins, Pastor, 598-4423. PALESTINE CHURCH OF CHRIST: Palestine Comm., Shelbyville, Mike Gibson, preacher, 598-4016. MT. PLEASANT CHURCH OF CHRIST: So. Jericho - H. B. Bounds, Min., 5984553. NORTHSIDE CHURCH OF CHRIST: Tenaha Hwy. - George Parsley, Min., 5908452. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST CLAYTON TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST: Blue Bell Rd., Timpson, Elder marvin Jackson I,. 936-254-9898 LILLY OF THE VALLEY CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST: Greer St. - C. Williams, Min., 598-9989. EPISCOPAL ST. JOHN’S EPISCOPAL: 1063 Southview Circle (Hwy 96S), 598-4101. FULL GOSPEL CENTER CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Tenaha Hwy., Don C. Murphree, Min., 598-7781. HOUSE OF REFUGE MINISTRIES: 210 Church St., Center, Bishop William E. Nash, 591-8941 IGLESIA CENTRO CRISTIANO CRISTIANO: Hwy 96N., Pedro Carbajal, Min, 598-2525. METHODIST CAMPTI METHODIST: Off FM 414, Campti Community, 598-2062, Bro. Ozay Ford, 598-3773. FIRST UNITED METHODIST: Timpson, Carla Reed, Pastor. FIRST UNITED METHODIST: 211 Porter, Center, 598-2707, Joel McMahon, Pastor. FIRST UNITED METHODIST: Tenaha, Pastor Carla Reed, 634-2246. FIRST UNITED METHODIST: Falkville Road, Joaquin, Pastor Randy Smith, 269-3661. FIRST UNITED METHODIST: NEW HOPE CONG.: Rt. 2, Center, Tx., Kenneth Verner, Min., 598-9253. SHELBYVILLE AND SHORT UNITED METHODIST CHURCHES: 252 FM 417 W., Rev. Carmen Rickel, 598-7388 ST. MARK’S METHODIST: Hurst St. at Arcadia, Pastor O. Ford, 598-3773. PAXTON UNITED METHODIST: Hwy 84, Pastor Randy Smith, 269-3661. (Hispanic Service), Pastor Carmelo Dominguez. OLD SHADY GROVE METHODIST CHURCH: Timpson, Hwy., Pastor W. T. Permenter, 598-4704. NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE: Hurst St., Rev. James Higginbotham, 5983785. PENTECOSTAL CAMPTI PENTECOSTAL: FM 414, Travis L. Hughes, Min., 598-3950; 5986282. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF JOAQUIN: Hwy. 7, Rev. Bruce Kunkel, 269-4245. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST: Folsom Chapel Rd., M.D. Lamon, Min., 598-4276. NEW JERUSELUM PENTECOSTAL HEALING & DELIVERY MINISTRY: 607 Greer St., Center, Pastor Eva Johnson, 598-6175. TRIUMPH FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH: New Harmony, Huxley, Bishop Roosevelt Swindle, 368-2938. SARDIS PENTECOSTAL CHURCH: FM 414, Pastor Todd Jenkins, 5984628, Parsonage 591-9979. TIMPSON UNITED PENTECOSTAL: Timpson - Pastor Rev. Shane Clifton 2549119. UNITED PENTECOSTAL: 1229 Southview Circle, San Augustine Hwy., 5983646. PRESBYTERIAN MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN: 205 E. Livingston, San Augustine, 275-2546. NON-DENOMINATIONAL CENTER BIBLE FELLOWSHIP: 925 Tenaha St., Center, D. E. “Pete” Williams, 591-0656 FULL GOSPEL LIGHTHOUSE: 6932 State Hwy 147, Pastor Carolyn Odom, 598-4264 MCCLELLAND CHURCH: CR 465, Center, Pastor Chris Collins, 598-4977. WORD OF FAITH OUTREACH CENTER: Joaquin, Chris Welch, Pastor, 2694133. LIGHTHOUSE: Loop 157, Tenaha, TX – A. G. Odom, Pastor, 409/248-3594. THE CALLED OUT CHURCH: 270 North Hwy 96 E., P.O. Box 1324, Center, Pastor, Earl Chessher, Sr., 598-2333. VICTORY BIBLE CHURCH: 305 Timpson St. Daryl McSwain, Pastor, 5988997. INTERDENOMINATIONAL NSPIRATIONAL TEMPLE CHRISTIAN CRUSADE CENTRE: 357 Jacob St., Timpson, Apostle Clifton Mergerson, 936-254-9295. CME MT. ZION METHODIST: Neuville St., Rev. Johnny L. Wilson, Sr., pastor, 598-8393/4059. ST. MARK CME: Strong Community, Shelbyville, Rev. Larry Jackson, 598-7650

Luke 14:23 KJL And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, That my house may be filled.

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