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6C I Friday, September 27, 2013 EMPLOYMENT 400

430 OPPORTUNITIES Triple F Oilfield Service is looking for a Secretary, prefer a person having insurance experience. Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. Apply at the Texas Workforce Commission.


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3 Bdrm/1bath brick house in Tenaha on 10 acres. $150,000 or best offer. Call 936-572-1407.

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Picture it SOLD –Guaranteed! Your ad runs until you sell it OR 1 year guaranteed.

If you can drive it -We can sell it!

5 Lines0 $20.0

1 Year

• Automobiles • motorcycle • Tractors

Boats • RV’s • ATV’s Private Party Only • Must put price of vehicle in ad Must renew each month (no charge) Must stay same vehicle • May lower price anytime

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won’t complain about animal names? A couple years ago, Corner Canyon High School in Utah was looking for a mascot and students chose the name “Cougars.” That name was later vetoed because the term “cougar” is often used in reference to older woman seeking a romantic relationship with a significantly younger man. Really? When I first heard that story, I thought it was a joke but Apparently not. Does anyone really believe that’s why high school students chose the name? As if the starting defensive end is going to proudly refer to himself a middle-aged woman seeking a younger man. A cougar is an animal. It’s beyond ridiculous and quite frankly, I don’t think people are actually offended by it. I think people are looking for something to complain about, and if that’s the case, there’s probably not a single team name in sports you can’t find something offensive about. Heck, cowboys of the west carried guns and were extremely violent, so I guess my NFL team has to find a new name. Many animals are vicious and violent, and that’s just sending the wrong message to the kids. Think of how much more peaceful this world would be if kids in Detroit would gather around the TV to watch their beloved Detroit Dandelions. Lions are just too vicious. If you don’t think so, watch the movie, “Ghosts in the Darkness.” Race is one of the most sensitive issues, as is religion which is why we have to do away with religious names like the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Angels and the San Diego Padres amongst any others I may be forgetting. The NBA had the Washington Bullets but because that name was seen as too violent, they changed to the “Wizards” which some may argue could almost fall under the religious category. It could also still fall under the violence category still seeing as wizards often use magic in a violent way. The Green Bay Packers really fall under two categories: violence and

animal rights because packers are people who pack up meat, which comes from animals. That’s just too barbaric. Also, teams named after any type of natural disaster or storms need to go. It’s no wonder why the Miami Hurricanes have such a bad reputation. There are people whose homes and lives have been destroyed in terrible hurricanes, earthquakes and other types of storms. People have died after being struck by lightning so Tampa Bay’s hockey team has to find a new name. In fact, even the name Miami Heat should go. After growing up in the south, I’ve seen how hot it can get and it’s usually not too pretty. It can literally make people sick and put them in hospitals. I don’t think a basketball team should represent that. Teams should never be named after people of a particular area, especially if they’re not originally from there. In other words, names like the Houston Texans, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, Montreal Canadiens and others need to go. There aren’t many people worthy to be called a Texan if they’ve spent very little or no time in the Lone Star State and it’s just mean to call someone a Yankee or a Canadian. Even though Notre Dame is a college team, its name “Fighting Irish” has to change. The word fighting implies violence and stereotypes Irish. As someone who has an Irish descent, I for one am deeply offended. When you really think about it, people groups in general should be eliminated. Buccaneers, Pirates, Vikings, Patriots, and others can fall under the violence category. OK, all these things may or may not be over the top just a little but isn’t that true of complaining about the name Cougars and Redskins? This has to stop somewhere. It makes me wonder how much longer until we see teams without nicknames and be go strictly by where they’re from, for example: Team Texas. Regardless, we need to stop being so sensitive and easily offended.

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