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erbert Lehnert and Eva Wessell submitted the manuscript of their biography “Thomas Mann” to Reaktion Books London. It is to be published in its series ‘Critical Lives’. Herbert is still working on “Thomas Manns Eintritt in die Literatur des Modernismus”.

John Smith


inally, Professor Levine continued his work on the AP German test development committee, and this summer again had the honor and pleasure of teaching at the Middlebury College German School, a seven-week immersion program known for its Spracheid, which students and faculty follow in and outside the classroom. He taught the level 4 Sprachkurs and Literaturkurs for a phenomenal group of students. The topic this year was “Deplatziert sein: Flucht und Migration aus, nach und in Deutschland.”


ohn has received a fellowship from the National Humanities Center in the Research Triangle, North Carolina, to complete work on his book, “How Infinity Came to Be at Home in the World: Metaphors and Paradoxes of Mathematics in Modern German Thought, 1675-1830.” He will be in residence there from January through May, 2018. He has completed a number of essays: “Kant, Calculus, Consciousness: The Mathematical Infinite in Us.” Goethe Yearbook 23 (2016), 95-121; “Dialectics,” Entry for Encyclopedia of Theory. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Publica-

tion date February 20, 2018; “Freedom through Bildung: Rhetoric, ‘Second Nature,’ and ‘Ethical Life’ in Hegel’s Political Theory.” In: Oxford Handbook in Rhetoric and Political Theory. Ed. Keith Topper. Oxford UP; “You Are What You Will: Kant, Schopenhauer, Facial Expression of Emotion, and Affective Computing.” German Life and Letters, October, 2017. He has also had fun and success teaching his large undergraduate lecture course, “Europe and the Foundations of Modernity,” which has just been offered online this past summer.



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German newsletter els 2017 linked (002)