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Topic : Validation of Bioanalytical Assays for Biologically Date & Time : 03-Jul-2014 : 10:00 AM PST Location : Online

Course Description: This 1-hr virtual seminar will allow you to determine the ideal strategies for validation bioanalytical assays for biological. You will be able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of various techniques and determine the ideal validation pathway for your biological.

Course Objective: •

Biologicals are complex molecules, not only in their size, but in their uses. One needs to make sure that their biological is properly characterized so it may be able to be used as directed in a product. The variety of ways a biological can be characterized varies as well. While the various methods can give plenty of information, one needs to be able to figure out whether a validation technique is relevant to the particular needs of their biological. In order to properly validate a biological, you need to be able to choose wisely so you may be able to effectively validate the molecule.


In this seminar, you will be able to learn about the various means that can be used to validate biological, the standards that are required to validate a biological using these methods and the proper deployment of these techniques. You will also learn the advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls of the various techniques in order to most effectively use these techniques. You will also learn how properly validated assays can be used to monitor problems with your biological and to fully understand how your product may be used by end users.

Course Outline: This webinar will help develop the proper validation protocols of bioanalytical assays of biologicals. The webinar will include the following critical information you will need: •How to understand what analytical techniques your biological may need •What the various bioanalytical assays are along with their strengths and weaknesses •How to understand the pitfalls that may arise during validation of bioanalytical assays •How to understand the results these bioanalytical assay generate in context with your biological’s needs •How to monitor biological degradation and quality control issues and determine the difference between the two •How to properly deploy statistics to define quality standards

Target Audience: This topic applies to personnel / companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The employees who will benefit most include: • Senior management • Quality Assurance • Research and Development • Project management

Speaker Profile : Todd Graham Todd Graham , is a masters-level bench scientist and medical technologist with a host of experience in both the clinical diagnostics and biotechnology fields. He has work for a number of start-up firms in the clinical diagnostics and biotechnology industries, as well as worked for larger firms within both industries. He has a broad level of expertise in assay development for quality control, pharmaceutical development and clinical diagnostics. His particular levels of expertise are molecular diagnostics, PCR, ELISA, quality control and training of bench level personnel in clinical diagnostics and biotechnology.

Price Tags : Attend Live Webinar $ 199.00 Single Attendee $ 799.00 Group – Max 10 Attendees per location $ 229.00 Access Recorded Version online $ 349.00 Buy Training CD-DVD

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Validation of bioanalytical assays for biologicals  

This 1-hr virtual seminar will allow you to determine the ideal strategies for validation bioanalytical assays for biological. You will be...

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