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Risk Mitigation and Optimization Techniques for Drug Development Portfolio Planning This drug development portfolio planning webinar will help attendees understand how to optimize and mitigate risk using advanced tools and techniques. It will show how to build strategic risk in planning, to align resources for optimization and how to know the risks before they happen, by simulation.

Description Why Should You Attend: Drug development Portfolio planning’s goal is to select the “best” portfolio of internal and external drug development program for funding, align company strategy with available resources, including money, manpower and manufacturing capacity and mitigate portfolio risk. Building strategic risk scenarios into portfolio planning can buffer the organization against the unexpected like clinical trial failure, shifts in the marketplace or insufficient resource capacity. But many companies’ portfolio planning is based on averages, or they use simplistic risk assessment portfolio models which could mislead executive management as it does not take into account interdependencies between drug development projects. This presentation will navigate attendees through the complex landscape of portfolio planning tools. The presenter will share his portfolio planning technique covering a broad list of issues portfolio planners face. The session will provide answers to - How to build in strategic risk into long-term portfolio planning? How to align portfolio value, resources and risk? How to protect your profits against unexpected events? How to simulate and analyze variety of risk mitigation strategies?

Learning Objectives: Learn different techniques for optimal portfolio planning Know how to align strategy, available resources and risk Learn how to allocate limited resources (FTEs and budget) across therapeutic areas, phases of development by using optimization and simulation models Understanding of models for portfolio risk assessment and mitigation Learn to evaluate different models for portfolio planning

Areas Covered in this Session: Portfolio planning goals. How to align portfolio value, resources, strategic goals and risk? Analysis of portfolio planning tools, their classification. Can they do the job? Overview of portfolio optimization tool as a foundation for portfolio selection. Strategic portfolio risk analysis. Portfolio simulator is a prime tool for risk analysis. Tool capabilities. Simulation of risk mitigation strategies. Could portfolio risk profile be improved? Technique for alignment of portfolio value, resources, strategic goals and risk based on combined usage of portfolio optimization and portfolio simulation models. Who Will Benefit: Portfolio managers Business analysts Business Development analysts Project managers Financial analysts Resource planners Executive management o CEOs, CFOs, COOs Risk Managers Senior executives from clinical labs and drug development labs will also benefit.


Instructor Profile: Vladimir Shnaydman, Ph.D,ORBee Consulting, President (2004 – current). The company’ focus is design and development of analytical tools and techniques for optimization of business solutions for life science industries. Company also provides consulting service, utilizing capabilities of developed tools and techniques. Vladimir has BS & MS Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MS in Applied Mathematics & Operations Research, and Ph.D. in Engineering. He contributed to many industries such as biotechnology, computer networking, data storages, water resources planning and management, telecommunications, transportation, and others. Dr. Shnaydman published more than 50 papers. He is co-author of three books.

Planning, Resource optimization, Simulation Techniques for Drug Development  

Drug development Portfolio building strategic risk scenarios into portfolio planning can buffer the organization like clinical trial failure...