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Recordkeeping Requirements for Import Trade Compliance This import trade compliance recordkeeping webinar will cover the requirements for management and retention of critical trade records and data as mandated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Why Should You Attend: All U.S. importers are required to exercise “reasonable care� when discharging their obligations as an Importer of Record. Recordkeeping is one of the critical cornerstones of import compliance. Without adequate recordkeeping policies, procedures and controls in place importers may be subject to harsh penalties from CBP. In fact, recordkeeping penalties can be up to $10,000 per violation and each document requested could be deemed as a separate violation by CBP. This 60 minute webinar will help you stay complaint and avoid penalties by discussing the strict requirements for retention and the management of critical trade records and data as mandated by U.S. CBP. At the end of this session the instructor will handle your specific questions related to this topic. Learning Objectives: Why is recordkeeping important? How should we go about storing our records and import data? How do we request approval from CBP for electronic recordkeeping? Areas Covered in the Seminar: This webinar will cover all aspects of CBP's recordkeeping requirements: Overview of Requirements. What constitutes a record? Strategies for organizing records. Location of records. Required retention period and exceptions. Alternate storage methods. Who Will Benefit: Customs or Trade Compliance personnel or Officers Chief Compliance Officers Logistics, distribution and transportation professionals Other stakeholders or positions related to the global supply chain

Recordkeeping requirements for import trade compliance