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Protect Your Company: Why HR Audits are Important and Some Tips on How to do them

This webinar will explain the importance of HR audit. Attendees will learn the best practices that can reduce the liability and risks associated with HR management. Why Should You Attend: An HR audit is a process like any other audit. It involves going through the organization’s HR policies, practices, procedures and forms to ensure they are in compliance with applicable laws and have internal consistency in their practices. Being in compliance with the laws can help avoid penalties if organizations are audited by governmental agencies. In addition to regulatory compliance, an HR audit can help identify inconsistencies in your practices, which can reduce your potential for discrimination claims. This webinar will discuss the importance of HR audit. It will cover topics such as recruitment, hiring, compensation, performance management and much more. Areas Covered in the Webinar:   

What is an HR audit? What is involved in an HR Audit? Areas to look at during your HR Audit: o Recruitment o Hiring o Employee Files o Fair Labor Standards Act Employee Classifications o Safety o HR Policies o Training and Development o HR Data o Performance Management o Compensation o Other HR/Legal Considerations o Keeping Score (Metrics)

Who Will Benefit:   

Senior HR managers CEOs Auditors

  

Company Owners Operations Managers Risk Managers

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Protect Your Company: Why HR Audits are Important and Some Tips on How to do them