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OSHA Ergonomics Compliance - What Every Organization Needs to Know This webinar will cover the basics of OSHA ergonomics compliance and show you what to do, step-bystep, to ensure your ergonomics program is in compliance and the company is protected from citations, penalties, and enforcement actions from OSHA.

Description Why Should You Attend: Ergonomics compliance falls under the federal OSHA general duty clause nationally and states such as California have their own standards on top of this. If your program isn't in compliance, your organization could be subject to citations, penalties, and enforcement actions from OSHA. Whether you already have an ergonomics program or you just got handed the program, you need to know EXACTLY what to do to be in compliance. In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn the basics of what to do, step by step, so that you ensure your company is protected. In addition, we’ll go over tips to streamline your ergonomics process. This webinar is designed to be an interactive session and registration/attendance will be limited to allow enough time for participants to ask questions to the presenter and discuss specific issues that they might face in their organization. Areas Covered in the Seminar: Compliance rules for Ergonomics Programs. Common fines and regulatory issues – and how to avoid!. Tips for recording injuries using OSHA 300 logs. Innovative ways to automate your program to save you time and money. Who Will Benefit: Human Resource Professionals First line Supervisors and Management Safety Managers Facility Managers Consultants and Business Owners

Instructor Profile: Charissa Shaw, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Ergolution, is a Certified Occupational Therapist, an experienced Ergonomist, and a frequent speaker. After receiving her Masters in OT from USC, she began working as an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Since 2001, Ms. Shaw has worked as an Ergonomic Consultant for many companies, including Google, Cisco Systems, AOL Time Warner, Bank of America, Union Bank of California, Brio Technology, Coldwell Banker, Transamerica, Qualcomm, the New York Times, Newsday, the Los Angeles Police Department, and numerous other organizations. She has been trained as a Six Sigma Specialist, and integrates Six Sigma and Lean principles into the ergonomics process.

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