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Effective and Practical Controls For Solid AML Division This training on anti-money laundering compliance will explain the concept of an AML unit. It will examine some of the banking industry’s more notable compliance failures and the reasons for these failures and how to prevent such events in the future. In the current regulatory environment, there are so many functions and responsibilities that an AML Officer has to undertake along with the rest of the compliance department staff and resources. AML Officers generally have to wear different hats: technology, legal, operational, investigator, business manager and agent between audit and/or government examiners. It is very plausible that not all of us can wear all these hats at one time and thus not all of our controls in place are 100% impenetrable. Furthermore, since we are so involved with all of these tasks on a daily basis, it is very easy to overlook concepts and controls that are not 100% effective. How do we take a step back and analyze this with a fresh set of eyes? How do we set controls in place that do not restrict the growth of business while preventing criminal activity? The goal of this webinar is to break down the functions of an AML unit into practical terms and understand the underlying concepts. It will review and identify issues seen in previous failing institutions and develop a roadmap that can help prevent such issues cropping up in other institutions. This webinar will take an in-depth look at how to juggle all of the responsibilities along with making your division a solid and proactive unit. All too often it is seen that the overwhelming responsibilities of an AML unit are the cause for cracks and holes in processes. This course will examine those points and provide a practical and clear approach to AML Architecture. Sharpen your skills as an AML Officer and ensure that you are covering and protecting your institution as much as possible. Learn to use your resources to the fullest and fine-tune systems and reports. Areas Covered in the Webinar: What is the concept of an AML Unit? How to approach Risk Based Prevention Systems vs. Manual controls Pros and Cons Costs and risk assessment Defining how bank sold products alter your AML program Effective risk assessments, audit reviews and the interpretation of each Board involvement and reporting processes Unit development; Further education for employees and unit members AML Architecture and design

Effective Flow Charts Size vs. effectiveness Unit functions and methods for being proactive Banking case studies Who Will Benefit: Compliance Officers Risk Officers Internal Auditors Operational Risk Managers Board of Director Members Third party consultants

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Effective and practical controls for solid aml division  

Get trained on the concept of an AML unit and learn the best practices that will help build an effective AML compliance program.