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Dual and Third-Country Nationals: Ensuring Foreign Licensee Requirements to Prevent Diversion of ITARControlled Defense Articles This webinar will explain the requirements of ITAR 126.18 regarding the transfer of defense articles (including technical data) to dual and third-country nationals employed by approved foreign end-users. Attendees will learn how to ensure compliance with the ITAR and avoid violations and penalties.

Why Should You Attend: US companies who perform defense services are required to control the transfer of controlled technical information. There are several methods to achieve compliance with the ITAR. US companies can find themselves in violation of the ITAR and/or EAR if technical information is transferred to foreign nationals without proper authority or approval. Since unauthorized transfer is considered a major violation and increases the risk associated with employing foreign nationals companies must either submit a list of proposed nationalities in their Technical Assistance Agreements or Manufacturing License Agreements, to whom ITAR or EAR controlled technical information will be transferred, or use the new ITAR 126.18 which allows the employment of any foreign nationality. Maintaining compliance with approved lists can be time consuming, places the burden of recruiting qualified individuals on the company and in certain countries may be a violation of labor laws when trying to ascertain the correct nationality. This can be especially difficult if the foreign person holds a dual citizenship. This webinar will provide a roadmap and the knowledge to approach this dilemma and resolve foreign nationality issues prior to employment. It will outline how to expand your approved nationality list by using ITAR 126.18.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:      

22 CFR126.18 Restrictions Legal Requirements Practical Considerations Common in Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs) and Manufacturing Licensing Agreements (MLAs) Permit U.S. exporters to share approved defense articles/technical data with authorized foreign end-users or recipients

Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all companies performing defense services in furtherance or in support of a Technical Assistance Agreement. Employees include:        

CEO’s CFO’s COO’s Manufacturing/Quality Managers of small to medium manufacturing firms International Sales Directors Director of New Product Development Export Compliance Manager Facility Managers

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Dual and third country nationals  
Dual and third country nationals  

This webinar will explain the requirements of ITAR 126.18 regarding the transfer of defense articles (including technical data) to dual and...