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Deferred Compensation and Benefits - Competitive Compliance

This webinar will provide attendees knowledge, strategies, and tools for successful understanding of a total compensation system based on legislation, governance, risk management, and quality. Attendees will learn how to analyze and evaluate compensation and benefits for market competitiveness. Why Should You Attend: Internal governance includes company directives, policies, and practices about paying their employees fairly, objectively, and reasonably based on state legislation, market forces, bona fide occupational qualifications, and compensable factors. This webinar will:     

Provide a basis for managing compensation and benefits with employee human resource challenges. Provide human resource best practices based on due diligence. Strengthen individual technical skill competencies in the application of compensation, and benefits; and the analysis thereof. Provide experience in the competitive internal and external compliance of compensation and benefits. Provide techniques for ensuring your total compensation is competitive and fair and valued by current, and future, employees.

By attending this webinar attendees will:   

Get tips for analyzing and understanding compensation and benefits. Learn the best practices in compensation and benefits. Ensure compliance with government mandated standards and understand the global, competitive minimum standards to be positioned as a “best choice” employer in the marketplace. Discover how-to communicate your total compensation to employees.

Learning Objectives:    

Understand compensation and benefits as a job satisfaction pillar. Preview strategies, and best practices for ‘total compensation’ employee engagement structure. Identify the difference between mandated government benefits and non-statutory compensation. Understand trends in compensation and benefits.

 

Learn how to analyze and evaluate compensation and benefits for market competitiveness. Plan and implement a company-wide compensation communication program to ensure employee engagement, and talent recruitment.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:       

Compensation and Benefits – Job Satisfaction Pillars Total Compensation Structure: Compensation, Benefits, Bonuses, Perquisites, Other Compensation and Benefits Legislation – Key Components Mandated Government Benefits – Common Requirements Market Trends in Compensation and Benefits Analyzing and Evaluating the Compensation and Benefit Strategy Based on Market Forces Communicating Deferred Compensation and Benefits for Employee Engagement, and Employee Relations.

Who Will Benefit:       

Compensation Administration Human resource Professionals Human Resource Managers Business Owners Business Managers Office Managers Controllers

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Deferred Compensation and Benefits - Competitive Compliance