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BSA/AML Recent Developments and Compliance

This AML compliance webinar will discuss recent developments in Bank Secrecy Act including various forms such as Currency Transaction Report (CTR), money log and Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).Attendees will learn best practices to ensure compliance with BSA regulations and avoid violations and fines.

Why Should You Attend:

The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 as amended under Title III of the Patriot Act was the initial and still is the guiding legislative framework to aid in the reduction of money laundering. The BSA as amended is the governing act, and it affects not just US based persons and institutions but also many international transactions with anchors to the US. The reach of the Act also goes far beyond the banking and finance industries. Hundreds of business have been fined or shuttered for money laundering not just in the financial services area - anyone with a financial institution covered by BSA/AML laws and requirements, banks, brokerages, fund managers and administrators, insurance companies, real-estate agents as well as CFOs and Treasurers have been penalized. The BSA also applies to any dealer in high value items such as fine art and vehicles, too. Now that regulators have a good idea on how to work with banks they are expanding their compliance forays into many new businesses. This webinar will discuss the recent development in BSA and how to ensure AML compliance.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:          

BSA and amendments and interpretation basis Foundation for what is money laundering Forms - CTR, Money Log, and SARs FINCEN Announcements Common compliance issues Solutions to common compliance issues No such things as enterprise solutions Recent regulators action and seeing how those fined got it wrong The role of the independent auditor The importance of authenticity and the distributed management model

Who Will Benefit:          

Compliance Consultants Risk Managers Any Branch or OSJ Manager Lawyers Accountants in the Financial Field Members of Audit Committee and Risk Committees Regulators Securities Broker Dealers Art, Car, Boat and Aircraft Dealers Financial Professionals is all Disciplines

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Bsa aml recent developments and compliance