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Practice and Competition Hour Limitations What are the daily and weekly time limitations on countable athletically related activities (CARAs)? Student-athletes may not participate during the academic year in countable athletically related activities for no more than: In-Season » 4 hrs per day » 20 hours per week » 1 day off a week

Out-of-Season » 4 hrs per day » 8 hours per week (2 hours of skill instruction) » 2 days off a week

Competition counts as three hours. The daily and weekly hour limitations DO NOT apply to the following time periods: 1) During preseason practice prior to the first day of classes or the first scheduled contest, whichever is earlier. 2) During an institution’s term-time official vacation period as listed in the institution’s calendar, and during the academic year between terms when classes are not in session.

The recent Michigan case brings to light not only the reasoning for the hour limits placed on student-athlete “countable athletically related activities” (CARAs) but also the importance of clearly documenting and recording these hours. From a compliance standpoint, communication between student-athletes, coaches and athletics department personnel is key to making sure that CARA rules are clearly understood and properly followed. TCU Compliance Office | TCU Box 297620 | phone: 817.257.7525 | fax: 817.257.7787


Definition of a Prospective Student-Athlete An individual remains a prospective student‐athlete until one of the following occurs whichever is earlier: (a) The individual officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full‐time program of studies and attends classes in any term of a four‐year collegiate institution’s regular academic year (excluding summer); or (b) The individual participates in a regular squad practice or competition at a four‐year collegiate institution that occurs before the beginning of any term; or (c) The individual officially registers and enrolls and attends classes during the summer prior to initial full-time enrollment. (see bylaws 13.02.12 and 13.1)

Recruiting Calendar Baseball: Quiet Period – September 1-9 Contact Period – September 10-30 Men’s Basketball: Quiet Period – September 1-8 Contact Period – September 9-30 Women’s Basketball: Quiet Period – September 1-15 Contact Period – September 16-30 Football: Evaluation Period – September 1-30 Track: Contact Period – September 1-30 Volleyball: Contact Period – September 1-30


Team Entertainment The institution may pay the actual costs (but may not provide cash) for reasonable entertainment that takes place within a 100‐mile radius of where a team plays or practices in connection with an away‐from‐home contest or en route to or from such a contest. In addition, an institution may pay the actual costs (but may not provide cash) for reasonable entertainment that takes place within a 30‐mile radius of the institution's campus or practice site during vacation periods when the team is required to reside on campus (or at a practice site normally used by the institution) and classes are not in session. Bylaw: ‐ Professional Sports Tickets. Complimentary tickets to professional sports contests shall not be provided to student‐athletes, unless the tickets are provided by the institution (or by a representative of athletics interests through the institution) for entertainment purposes to student‐athletes involved in an away‐from home contest. Under the latter circumstances the institution may pay actual costs for reasonable entertainment that takes place during a team trip. Bylaw: 16.7.2 ‐ Movies in Conjunction with a Home Contest. The institution may rent a film or movie, provide pay‐per‐view movies in the student‐athletes' hotel rooms or take its intercollegiate team to the movies the night before a home contest without the film or movie being considered an extra benefit.

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