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TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY (TCU) ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE NEWSLETTER Compliance Staff: Andrea Nordmann Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 817-257-6899

John Cunningham Esq., Director of Compliance, 817-257-5869,

Volume 4, Issue 4 November 24, 2008

The Compliance Update Coaches’ Edition

Stephanie Key Administrative Assistant, 817-257-7525, Becky Holmes Esq., Assistant director of compliance 817-257-7068

Recruitment Monitoring Procedures Nov. /Dec. Recruiting Schools that have appeared before the NCAA infractions committee for a violation of recruiting rules understand the importance of providing a sufficient response to the following question:

Calendar Baseball Contact/Evaluation Period—Nov. 1-9; DEAD PERIOD—Nov. 10-13 Quiet Period—Nov. 14 through Dec. 31

What is your institution doing to monitor recruiting activities?

Men’s Basketball At TCU we taken steps to ensure that we are on the forefront Eval Period—Nov. 1-9, 14-30 ; Dec. 1-23; Dec. 23-27 of monitoring the recruitment of prospective studentDEAD PERIODS:—Nov. 10-13; Dec. 24-26 athletes. Part of this commitment is reflected through our implementation of ACS systems. Still, ACS, like any software system, is only as good as the information that coaches Women’s Basketball Eval Period—Nov. 1-9, 14-30; Dec. 1-23; 27put into it. Coaches must be diligent about learning ACS and careful to make sure all data put into the system is com- 31 DEAD PERIODS—Nov. 10-13; Dec. 24-26 plete and accurate. Additionally, having a solid monitoring system requires coaches to be meticulous about tracking all of their program’s recruiting activities. Here are a few general procedures that all coaches should follow to meet the NCAA standards for monitoring recruiting. 1) Enter all recruiting calls into ACS as soon as possible after a call is made and carefully label all nonrecruiting calls (i.e., left message); 2) Keep careful record of prospective student-athlete contacts and evaluations (remember contacts must be counted year round, evaluations must be counted only during the academic year); 3) Fill out unofficial visit forms for all prospects that you meet with on campus who are not on an official visit. Have several copies of the unofficial visit form printed off and ready to be signed by all prospects who might stop by your office;

Football Evaluation Period— Nov. 1-29 *42 Evaluation days during Sept.-Nov. Contact Period—Nov. 30– Dec. 20 Quiet Period—Dec. 21 DEAD PERIOD: Dec. 22-31 Track and Cross Country Contact/Eval Period—Nov. 1-23; 25-30; Dec. 1 -14; 19-31 Dead Period—Nov. 24 Contact/Eval Period—Nov. 25-30; DEAD PERIOD—Dec. 15-18 Quiet period - permissible to make in- per son recruiting contacts only on the member institution's campus. Dead period - not permissible to make inperson recruiting contacts or evaluations on- or off-campus or permit official or unofficial visits.

4) Complete all official visit paperwork in a timely fashion including completing the official visit request form at least 48 hours prior to a visit; 5) Carefully monitor your Clearinghouse IRL reports. Make sure the prospects you are recruiting have been added to this eligibility center list and request to have those you are no longer recruiting removed; 6) Carefully review the admissions report sent out by John Householder to make sure prospects you are recruiting have been properly identified and labeled in the admissions process.

TCU policy allows for each team to have 2 occasional meals per semester that are reimbursed by the athletics department. In addition, a team may have an occasional meal once per month that will not be reimbursed by the athletics department and must be paid for by the coaching staff.

Volume 4, Issue 4 November 24, 2008


2-4 Transfer Requirements The new rule requiring 2-4 transfers to bring in 6 hours of transferable English and 3 hours of transferable Math, makes this a good time to review all of the 2-4 transfer requirements for eligibility.

Mark Your Calendars Remaining 2008-2009 Due Dates for Telephone Logs (any logs turned in after the indicated dates will be considered late)

Nov. Logs Due —Dec. 1 Dec. Logs Due—Jan. 5 Jan. Logs Due—Feb. 2 Feb. Logs Due —Mar.2 2-4 Transfers Qualifiers March Logs Due —Apr. 6 (1) Minimum one full-time semester or one full-time quar- April Logs Due —May 4 ter at two-year school (excluding summer) May Logs Due—June 4 (2) Average 12 hours of transferable degree credit per fullJune Logs Due—July 6 time semester attended at the two-year college (3) Progress Towards Degree Requirements (40/60/80 re- July Logs Due—Aug.3 quirements) must be satisfied (4) Student-athlete must pass 6 hours the previous semester (5) Student-athlete must meet minimum 2.0 transferable GPA. (6) Student-athlete must have 6 transferable hours of English and 3 transferable hours of math (7) If student-athlete meets requirements, he or she is eligible for athletics aid, practice and competition (8) If student-athlete does not meet requirements, he or she is eligible for athletics aid and practice only Nonqualifiers (1) Student-Athlete must graduate from two-year college (2) Student-athlete must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 48 transferable degree hours (3) Student-athlete attended a two year college for at least 3 full-time semesters (excluding summers) (4) Student-athlete has a cumulative transferable GPA average of at least a 2.0 (5) Student-athlete must meet Progress Towards Degree requirements (@ TCU 40%=50 hours) (6) Not more than a total of 18 semester hours of transferable degree credit may be earned during summer terms and not more than 9 semester hours of transferable credit may be earned during the summer terms immediately prior to transfer (7) Student-athlete must have 6 transferable hours of English and 3 transferable hours of math

Holiday Greeting Cards As the holiday season approaches please note that the only permissible cards a coach may send to a prospect are institutional note cards and blank postcards issued by the U.S. Postal Service. Institutional note cards may not exceed 8 1/2 by 11 inches when opened in full. Note cards may only contain the institution’s name and institutional logo or an athletics logo on the outside and may not contain any preprinted information (e.g., greetings, words, pictures) on the inside. Traditional holiday cards are not permissible. Please note this legislation applies not only to prospects, but to coaches of prospects and any other individual responsible for teaching or directing an activity in which a prospect is involved.


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