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MAY 2011



Definition of a Booster An individual who is known (or who should have been known) by TCU’s athletics department to have been a member of an organization that promotes the Horned Frog’s athletics program. • An individual who has made financial contributions to the Texas Christian University athletics department or to the Frog Club. • An individual who has assisted (or who has been asked by the athletics department) to assist in the recruitment of prospects. • An individual who has provided benefits to current student-athletes and their families. • An individual who has been otherwise involved in promoting Texas Christian University. If you fall under any of these categories, you are considered a booster or representative of Texas Christian University’s athletics interests. Texas Christian University is ultimately responsible for your actions as a representative. If you violate NCAA rules as a representative of Horned Frogs athletics interests, the NCAA will penalize the University

Foreign Tours and Competition The eligibility of student-athletes on the tour shall be governed by the following: (a) If the tour takes place during the summer, the student- athletes shall have been eligible for intercollegiate competition during the previous academic year or shall have been enrolled at the institution as a full-time student during the previous academic year and have established by the beginning of the tour that he or she is eligible for competition the academic year immediately following the tour; or (b) If the tour takes place after the academic year has started, the student-athletes shall be regularly enrolled in the institution and eligible for intercollegiate competition. It is permissible for an eligible incoming student-athlete to represent the institution on a foreign tour that begins after the permissible starting practice date in the sport involved or after the first day of classes of his or her first regular term at the institution. An incoming student-athlete (freshman or transfer) may participate in practice sessions conducted in preparation for a foreign tour only if such practice sessions occur either: (a) On or after the first permissible practice date in the involved sport; or (b) On or after the first day of classes of the studentathlete's first regular academic term at the institution.

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Notice of Reduction or Renewal The renewal of institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability shall be made on or before July 1 prior to the academic year in which it is to be effective. The institution shall promptly notify in writing each student-athlete who received an award the previous academic year and who has eligibility remaining in the sport in which financial aid was awarded the previous academic year whether the grant has been renewed or not renewed for the ensuing academic year. Notification of financial aid renewals and nonrenewals must come from the institution's regular financial aid authority and not from the institution's athletics department.

Recruiting Calendar Baseball: Contact Period – May 1-31 Men’s Basketball: Dead Period – May 19-27 Quiet Period – May 1-18, 28-31

MAY 2011

Selling and Exchanging Awards Student-athletes that receive awards, whether they are TCU awards, conference awards or NCAA awards cannot sell or exchange those awards for anything of value. In recent years, eBay and websites like it have made it easy for studentathletes to hawk their wares in exchange for cash. This is an extra benefit violation and can lead to student-athletes losing eligibility. Please be careful to monitor this type of activity and report it to the compliance office if it occurs. 16.1.4 Types of Awards, Awarding Agencies, Maximum Value and Numbers of Awards. Athletics awards given to individual student-athletes shall be limited to those approved or administered by the member institution, its conference or an approved agency as specified in the following subsections and shall be limited in value and number as specified in this section. Awards received for intercollegiate athletics participation may not be sold, exchanged or assigned for another item of value, even if the student-athlete's name or picture does not appear on the award. Each of the following subsections is independent of the others so that it is permissible for an individual student-athlete to receive the awards described in all subsections.

Women’s Basketball: Quiet Period – May 1-31

Football: Quiet Period - May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 30 Evaluation Period – May 2-7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-28, 31 Track: Contact Period – May 1-31 Volleyball: Quiet Period – May 1-27 Contact Period – May 28-31

National Letter of Intent Signing Period: April 13, 2011 – August 1, 2011 (Baseball, Equestrian, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball) April 13, 2010 – May 18, 2010 (Basketball)

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