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MARCH 2011



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Don’t Bet On It Gambling takes away the respect of the sport itself! Gambling can cause serious trouble including with the law. When a coach or athlete gambles, they are also possibly gambling away his or her future as well. It is a difficult situation when one player on the team gambles and the whole team has to pay the price by forfeiting games or losing a member of the team. Gambling does not allow the sport to show its own true colors, how the game is supposed to be played, which is not through point shaving and other methods of gambling. These gambling rules apply to every member of the athletic staff - conference staff, institutional athletic staff, coaches and student-athletes. When involved in a sports gambling scandal, you pay for it in more ways than you could have ever imagined. A loss of freedom ... a loss of respect ... a lost of a job or career in collegiate athletics. Bottom line, if you value your integrity and knowing that you did the right thing and worked hard for the right things, then gambling is not the answer - it never is the answer.

Can I be involved in free tournament brackets?

GAMBLING REMINDER: 1) No Facebook Pools, or “Office Pools” 2) No Internet Sports Wagers 3) No “Friendly Wagers” 4) No participation in Fantasy Leagues that involve an entry fee or tangible benefit or payments 5) Do not provide individuals with information about intercollegiate athletic teams 6) No NCAA brackets

Question: Can coaches or student-athletes fill out a bracket for the NCAA Basketball Tournament if there is no entry fee, nor an opportunity to win anything? Answer: The answer is yes; however, you are encouraged to avoid this type of opportunity. It is important that names are left off the brackets, if you choose to fill one out for fun, as it would be possible for someone else to get a hold of the bracket. This could possibly result in you being found to have provided information about a team for the purpose of gambling. The best practice would be to simply avoid filling one out. Even if the pool claims to be “just for fun” this will assure everyone’s avoidance in any potential sports wagering involvement.

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Post NLI Reminders Here is a review of the permissible activities that a signed prospect may take advantage of while on campus during the summer prior to initial fulltime enrollment. Signed prospects who are enrolled or receiving athletics aid during the summer prior to their freshman year may receive, have access to, or be allowed to purchase the following benefits: 1) Use of weight room / voluntary conditioning activities 2) Use of training room 3) Medical expenses 4) Use of academic services 5) Assistance in employment 6) Playbook / Game Film 7) Strength and Conditioning Information

Recruiting Calendar Baseball: Contact Period – March 1-31 Men’s Basketball: Evaluation Period - March 1-15, 23-30 Contact Period – March 16-22 Dead Period – March 31 Women’s Basketball: Contact Period – March 1-31 Football: Quiet Period - March 1-31

MARCH 2011

Medical Hardship Waivers and Five Year Clock • A student-athlete may be granted an additional year of competition by the conference or the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement for reasons of "hardship.“ • Hardship is defined as an incapacity resulting from an injury or illness that has occurred under all of the following conditions: • Injury occurs in 1 of 4 seasons of competition at a 2 or 4 year collegiate institution or after 1st day of classes of senior year in high school • Injury or illness occurs prior to first competition in that sport and results in incapacity for remainder of season • Team sports: student-athlete must not have participated in more than 3 contests or dates of competition or 30 percent of the institutions scheduled or completed contests or dates of competition • Individual sports: the injury or illness occurs when the student-athlete has not participated in more than 3 dates of competition or 30 percent (whichever is greater) of the maximum permissible number of dates of competition plus one date for a conference championship regardless of whether the institution participates in the conference championship, provided that the institution is a member of a conference that holds a championship in that event.

Upcoming National Letter of Intent Signing Period:

Track: Contact Period –March 1-10, 13-31 Dead Period – March 11-12

April 13, 2011 – August 1, 2011 (Baseball, Equestrian, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball) Dead Period – April 11-14, 2011

Volleyball: Contact Period – March 1-31

April 13, 2010 – May 18, 2010 (Basketball) Dead Period – April 11-14, 2011

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