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Texas Christian University (TCU) Athletics Compliance Newsletter Compliance Staff: Andrea Nordmann Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 817-257-6899 John Cunningham Esq. Dir. of Compliance, 817-257-5869,

Volume 4, Issue 11 June 8, 2010

The Compliance Update Coaches’ Edition

Becky Holmes, Esq. Assistant Director of Compliance 817-257-7068 Stephanie Key Admin Assistant 817-257-7525

COMPETING UNATTACHED IN INDIVIDUAL SPORTS FAQ Question 1: Is it permissible for an institution to provide expenses (e.g., meals, entry fee, lodging) for a student-athlete to compete unattached, when that student-athlete is not representing the institution in competition (e.g., ineligible or "redshirting")? Answer: When a student-athlete competes unattached (i.e., competes as an individual, representing only himself or herself) in any competition, the institution may not provide any expenses to the participating studentathlete. The student-athlete is considered to be representing the institution in outside competition when provided expenses from the institution. This includes the institution providing transportation (e.g., individual riding on team bus to competition) to an unattached participant. Question 2: May an unattached student-athlete wear the uniform of the institution? Answer: No. Wearing the uniform of the institution constitutes representation of the institution; therefore, the student-athlete, by rule, would not be considered to be competing unattached if he or she were wearing the institution's uniform. If the student-athlete triggers NCAA Bylaw 14.02.6 (intercollegiate competition), the student-athlete must be eligible to represent the institution in outside competition. Question 3: Is the institution permitted to provide athletics training support and other medical services prior to and after the match for student-athletes who are competing unattached? Answer: No. As a general rule, such expenses may not be provided by the institution when the student-athlete is competing unattached. The provision of such services constitutes the receipt of expenses related to the competition. If the trainer (or other service provider) has been designated by the competition host to provide services to all participants; however, such services may be provided to the unattached student-athletes. Question 4: Is it permissible for institutional coaches to provide coaching and instruction to an unattached student-athlete during competition? Answer: No. A student-athlete who receives coaching or instruction (e.g., technique, comments related to performance, suggestions) from his or her coach while competing in an individual competition is considered to be representing the institution. As a result, the student-athlete must be eligible to represent the institution and such participation would constitute the use of one of the four seasons of competition. Further, institutional coaching staff members may not direct participating student-athletes to engage in coaching or instructional activities with student-athletes from the same institution who are competing unattached. [Note: A coaching staff member may engage in coaching activities with a student-athlete during the student-athlete's participation in established national championship events (including junior national championships and Olympic, Pan American, World Championships, World Cup and World University Games qualifying competition.] If you have any additional questions, please contact the Compliance Office.

June Recruiting Calendar Baseball Contact Period-June 1-30 Men’s Basketball Quiet Period-June 1-30 Women’s Basketball Quiet Period-June 1-30 Football Quiet Period-June 1-30 Track Contact Period: June 1-8, June 13-30 Dead Period: June 9-12 Volleyball Contact Period-June 1-30 All Other Sports Contact Period-June 1-30

Texas Christian University (TCU) Athletics Compliance Newsletter

Volume 4, Issue 11

TCU Department of Athletics Compliance Mission Statement

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The mission of the TCU Athletics Compliance Program is to uphold the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Mountain West Conference (MWC), and Texas Christian University (TCU); to monitor the processes and activities associated with such rules and regulations; and to educate institutional staff members, student-athletes and external constituents regarding such rules, regulations, processes and activities. TCU is committed and obligated to the principle of institutional control in operating its Athletics Department in a manner that is consistent with the letter and the spirit of the NCAA, MWC and University rules and regulations. The Office of Athletics Compliance coordinates, monitors and verifies compliance with all NCAA requirements and educates the various constituencies of the University and the community regarding NCAA and MWC regulations. The Athletics Compliance Office is dedicated to providing educational programs and interpretive support to ensure that all individuals involved with the Athletics Department understand and adhere to the TCU's compliance expectations. Each individual within the Athletics Department is obligated to maintain competency in knowledge of rules, to act within his or her realm of responsibility in full compliance with the rules and to report any violations of the rules. It is the goal of the Athletics Compliance Program to place the University in a pro-active position by educating, overseeing, and monitoring the Athletics Department and maintaining a positive compliance environment. The commitment to excellence by the entire TCU athletics family must be a priority in all aspects of the compliance program.

Did you land a summer job and have not yet reported it to compliance? Employment Request Form: s/s_chools/tcu/genrel/auto_pdf/employm entrequestform0607

Yes, That’s Allowed: Proof the NCAA doesn’t always say NO According to bylaw 16.5.2(h), it is permissible for an institution to provide fruits, nuts and bagels to a student-athlete at any time.

Are you planning to participate in outside competition this summer? Outside Competition Form: s/s_chools/tcu/genrel/auto_pdf/permissio noutsidecompform Are you giving sports lessons this summer? If so, you must complete a Fee For Lesson Form: s/s_chools/tcu/genrel/auto_pdf/feeforless onform0307

TCU Department Of Intercollegiate Athletics Mission Statement · Focuses on the well-being of the student athlete, · Provides division 1A programs for men and women in which the participants have a successful competitive experience, · Supports a meaningful academic experience leading to graduation, · Develops support for the university among its many constituents, · Is committed to the philosophy and principles of the NCAA, the Mountain West Conference and the University, and · Is committed to provide equitable opportunities for all student-athletes and athletic department personnel, including women and minorities.

Spanning the Compliance Globe. . .Online Articles from Around the Country Latest testing shows minimal increase in steroid use +news/ncaa+news+online/2010/associationwide/latest+testing+shows+minimal+increase+in+steroid+use_06_07_10_ncaa_news

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