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Volume 3, Issue 12 July 16, 2008

Compliance Staff: Andrea Nordmann Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 817-257-6899

Stephanie Key Administrative Assistant, 817-257-7525,

The Compliance Update

John Cunningham Esq., Director of Compliance, 817-257-5869,

Coaches’ Edition

Facebook Recruiting How Coaches Can Utilize Social Networking Web Sites Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the popularity of social networking websites such as and The question then arises if it is permissible for members of a coaching staff to have a or page.

July/Aug. Recruiting Calendar Baseball Contact Period—July 1-31 and Aug. 1-31 Men’s Basketball Quiet Period— July 1-5; Aug. 1-31 Evaluation Period—July 6-15; 22-31 DEAD PERIOD—July 16-21

Women’s Basketball Quiet Period— July 1-5; Aug. 1-31 It is permissible for a coaching staff member to have an Evaluation Period—July 6-15; 22-31 account, but there are certain guidelines which must be DEAD PERIOD—July 16-21

followed. Football Quiet Period— July 1-31 and Aug. 1-31

“Friends” Before September 1 of the Prospect’s Junior Year (June 15 of Sophomore Year for Men’s Volleyball Basketball) Contact Period—July 1-31 and Aug. 1-31 You cannot be “friends” (friends is a term on Facebook All Other Sports which gives people the right to view each other’s web- Contact/Evaluation Period—July 1-31 and Aug. 1-31 pages) with an individual who is not a contactable prospect because the friend confirmation function is communicated via email. For example, if a freshman in high school asks to be your “friend” on Facebook Contact period - permissible for authorized athletic department staff members and you accept that person as a “friend”, you have just to make in-person, off-campus recruiting committed a violation because Facebook’s process of contacts and evaluations. confirming them as a “friend” sends an email on your behalf to the prospect before September 1 of their junEvaluation period - permissible for auior year. If a prospect has reached September 1 of their thorized athletics department staff to be junior year then it is permissible to accept their involved in off-campus activities to assess academic qualifications and playing “friend” request. Exception: You may be “friends” or communicate with an individual who is not a contactable prospect if that individual is a family member or a long standing family friend. However, please note that if you decide to recruit such an individual you must follow all NCAA legislation with respect to your communication with them. More guidelines on page 2…

abilities. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospect are permitted. Quiet period - permissible to make in- per son recruiting contacts only on the member institution's campus. Dead period - not permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on- or off-campus or permit official or unofficial visits.

Volume 3, Issue 12 July 16, 2008


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Since I Don’t Know the Prospect’s Age, how do I Protect Myself and not Offend the Prospect? Many coaches leave a statement on their voicemail telling prospects if they have not reached July 1 following their junior year to call back as NCAA rules do not permit the coach to return the call. Many coaches around the country have taken this concept and applied it to Facebook and Myspace by having a statement on their page which indicates they cannot be “friends” with a prospect until September 1 following their junior year (June 15 following sophomore year for men’s basketball). This statement will let prospects know why you may not accept their friend request. Prospect Aged “Friends”: If you know that a prospect has reached September 1 of their junior year, (or after June 15 of sophomore year in men’s basketball) then it is permissible for you to send them a request to be a “friend” or to accept their request. However, please note that until a prospect signs a NLI, any other form of communication on these sites is impermissible. Posting on a Prospect’s Wall: It is impermissible to post a comment on a prospect’s wall unless they have signed a NLI because posting is not considered faxing or emailing and thus is an impermissible form of electronic communication. The only type of communication permitted on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace are email correspondence. Instant messaging, wall posting, texting etc. are all impermissible forms of communication with prospects who have not signed a NLI.

MWC Sportsmanship Policy Acts in Violation of MWC Sportsmanship Policy. Conduct by athletes, coaches and other institutional athletics personnel who act in an unsporting manner is subject to sanction. Violations of the Conference sportsmanship policy shall include, but are not limited to the following: a Striking, attempting to strike or otherwise physically abusing an official, coach, spectator or student-athlete; b. Intentionally inciting participants or spectators to inappropriate ate action; c. Using obscene gestures or unduly provocative language or action to ward a game official, Conference personnel, another institution, a studentathlete or personnel of an other institution, coach or spectator. d. Ejection from a contest. e. Publicly criticizing or disparaging a game official, the Conference or its personnel, an other institution, a student-athlete or personnel of an other institution.


As Coaches Embrace More Sophisticated Recruiting Methods, the NCAA Braces for the ‘Next Big Thing’:

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