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February 16, 2017

How Local SEO Services can Help Small Businesses Remain Competitive in Today’s Market

Image 1: Small Businesses Like Mom-and-Pops Benefit from Local SEO Services

Small, local businesses tend to assume way too much when it comes to getting on board the SEO bandwagon. It could be due to their unfamiliarity with the technology, or it could simply be because they would rather keep conducting their market strategies the old-fashioned way – thinking just because they have website, the phone will ring.

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If they don't know what they are missing, they owe themselves the knowledge of what local SEO services can do for their business volume. The first fact that these small businesses must understand is that SEO remains paramount in today’s competitive market. Simply put, you really don't want to be caught without it.

Get Searched

A survey in 2015 found that Google deals with as many as one trillion searches via their engine, with as many as three billion queries fielded every day. This number is relevant to small businesses because it exemplifies how much activity is actually conducted online. People go online when they need to find something, and if it so happens that they are looking for the service that you offer, you definitely want to be the one they end up finding online.

Of course, operating a searchable website does not automatically mean you will be the first one listed or that you will be the first choice. With so many other companies also offering what you have to offer, it can be expected that they will be fiercely vying to show atop the search results page.

This is where the importance of effective SEO practice comes into play. Applied correctly, it can bolster the number of people to your website and, subsequently, right to your product or service. Before you can expect these webpage visits to translate into actual sales transactions, however, you must be visible to your clients and presented as a viable option, first and foremost.

Enjoy High ROI Yield

Because small businesses tend to be gobbled up by bigger enterprises in their local areas, it can be difficult to attain market share in such areas. With SEO, however, your local business can gain a leg up so that you can attain better leverage on the playing field.

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The math here is simple: As more people become more familiar with what you have to offer, the more likely they are to transact with you sooner or later. SEO can only lead them so far before reaching your doors. Ultimately, it will be your customer-relations skills that hinge loyalty to your doors.

Once that is established, however, you can realize higher traffic and sales volumes beyond any means your old-fashioned marketing might have mustered. Moreover, because they are now familiar with and wholly trust your brand, they can further expand your network by recommending you to their own groups.

Companies like Complete Online Strategy in San Jose are equipped with the skills and tools to deliver SEO services. Don’t get left behind; plan out your move so that you can successfully execute.

About Complete Online Strategy: Complete Online Strategy focuses on providing digital marketing services, local SEO, marketing automation, and lead generation. Our experience in the digital marketing industry enables us to deliver custom-quality services befitting clients’ needs and preferences. Complete Online Strategy confidently relies on our clients' trust to get the job done.


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How local seo services can help small businesses remain competitive in today’s market  

Small businesses can witness improvements in their performances with the help of local SEO services. Don’t get left behind by the competitio...