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MARCH 2010

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Dear Friends, Complete Nutrition prides itself on providing the highest quality supplements tailored to fit each persons individual needs. Complete Nutrition has always been on the cutting edge of quality and performance, if something better becomes available, we will get it. Whether it be from Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Healthy Aging, Sports Performance or just overall well being, we have a product for you. Once you step into Complete Nutrition, you know your in a place that is different than any where else. The people here make you feel welcome and truely want to figure out your specific goals and suggest the right product for you. They take you from beginning to end and tailor the system so it fits your life style. We understand that not everyone’s body is exactly the same, so it is our job to make sure you understand and pick the correct system that works best for you!

Brent Kremer

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Women’s Health Outsmart Stress Eating

Blame the tough economic climate, the on-

going financial uncertainties or just the general sped-up, stressed-out pace of life these days, but I know a lot of us are feeling pushed beyond our limits at work and at home. And being anxious can be as detrimental to your body as it is to your mind—especially when you attempt to make yourself feel better with unhealthy food such as “comfort” food, as nearly 50 percent of people say they do, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C. For me, it’s easy to undo a day of eating salads and going to Spin class with a pint of rocky road. If you tend to inhale a big plate of pasta and at least one glass of wine after a doozy of a day, or simply beeline it to the couch for some good old-fashioned icecream-and-TV therapy, you’ve come to the right place. Use these secrets to prevent a case of stressful stomach from making you self-medicate with carbs. You’ll be on your way to overcoming emotional eating for good.


Stock your cupboards right If you have a huge, career-making presentation or some other anxiety-producing event that you know is apt to send you looking in your pantry or fridge for comfort, ensure e-mail us

the foods you find there are relatively healthy. Put fruits, veggies, hummus and soups front and center—seeing a healthy option will remind you of your eat-well goals when the pressure is on. Need more? Try making a trail mix with almonds, seeds, dried fruit and walnuts, which have been shown to lower blood pressure and improve mood, thanks to their omega-3 fatty acids.


Do the write thing Do you tend to head for the vending machine when you come to a thorny part of an assignment at work? Many of us instinctually reach for food as a distraction when we hit a rough patch, but the tension—and the calories—remain long after we’ve finished the bag of chips or or chocolate bar. Rather than eat when you’re not hungry, reach for a pen or a computer screen and jot down your emotions and a plan to remedy the situation. Or send an old friend a warm email to reconnect. You’ll feel better for zero calories!



Post happy pics Instead of looking in the fridge for comfort, look at pictures of happy times. In your office and at home, display photos of three special days you can glance at when you’re feeling stressed. “Just 10 seconds of concentrating on the images is enough to reduce muscle tension and stabilize your heartbeat,” says Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., author of Stress Free for Good.


Try a smart swap Can’t resist eating under stress? Nibble pistachios if you’re craving crunch— they help lower blood pressure and reduce the workload on the heart during emotional or physical stress,

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researchers at Pennsylvania State University in State College found. If you tend to seek carb-heavy comfort foods (mac ‘n’ cheese, bread and pancakes, mmm), opt for low-cal but equally satisfying bean soup or oatmeal, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh. Prefer chomping on crunchy foods, like chips? Try green peppers or carrots instead. If you tend to hanker for sweets when you’re sad (common because they boost serotonin, a natural antidepressant), try an orange or tangerine— its sweetness will satisfy you, and the process of peeling is pleasantly meditative. Work in one of these 5 stress-fighting superfoods for bonus benefits.


Order right For those zany nights when you get home late, want to put your feet up and can’t even contemplate cooking, go ahead and order takeout (hey, I live in New York City and know my delivery guys by first name). But do it smartly! Order dishes with complex carbs (which elevate serotonin), soluble fiber (to steady blood sugar) and a small amount of healthy fat (to fill you up) to improve your mood and keep you slim, suggests SELF contributor Joy Bauer, R.D. Ordering Mexican? Go for a burrito with black beans and spinach; skip the sour cream. Chinese? Get shrimp or chicken in garlic sauce with brown rice and a side of steamed veggies. Relax and dig in! By Lucy Danziger,


vitamins & general health

Vitamins For Your Hair, Skin & Nails


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The production of specialized proteins (collagen, elastin and keratin) that make up your hair, skin and nails requires high levels of biotin and we provide 3,000 mcg of this essential B-vitamin, a nutrient generally neglected in other hair, skin and nail products. Also included are generous levels of the Spa Essentials™ HSN Complex to ensure that your body generates the healthiest hair, skin and nails possible.

Hair, Skin, & Nails

Total Nutrition For Your Body’s Largest Organ System* This formula is a unique blend of nutrients selected to promote the growth of your body’s largest organ system - the hair, skin, and nails. The integumentary system (hair, skin, and nails) requires an enormous amount of nutrients to remain healthy, being the only part of your body with tissue that never stops growing.*

• Promotes Healthy, Full Hair* • Supports Smooth, Glowing Skin* • Promotes Stronger Nails*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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REVEAL YOUR CONFIDENCE, PHYSIQUE, SUCCESS, MOTIVATION, ENERGY & SELF-AWARENESS Reveal makes weight loss simple. By addressing the three most important aspects of weight loss metabolism, sleep/relaxation and toning Reveal acts as a 1-2-3 punch that gives you the simples and most effective approach to losing weight!

Rev Up Your Metabolism reveal DAYTIME HYBRID Have you ever noticed as you age, you tend to gain more weight even though you haven’t changed your diet or exercise habits? That’s because our metabolism slows down, causing the body to store fat. Reveal’s new Daytime Hybrid combines technologies that give your slowing metabolism a jolt to stimulate energy levels and rev up your metabolism to support fat loss.* What does “Hybrid” mean? Hybrid means the combination of two or more things to create something new. Reveal’s Daytime Hybrid combines two technologies by providing energy and metabolism enhancers, while adding a new mood enhancing blend, setting the state for stress relief and relaxation later on.*

EAT, SLEEP & LOSE WEIGHT reveal NIGHTTIME HYBRID Diet and exercise and you’ll lose weight, right? Wrong. Research shows overwhelmingly, that quality of sleep may be the single most important factor when it comes to losing weight. That is why Reveal’s new Nighttime Hybrid contains a stress/cortisol blocker designed to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation and sleep quality. It also contains key blends which increase metabolism, decrease appetite and help regulate thyroid functions while you sleep.* How does this “Hybrid” formula work? Reveal’s Nighttime Hybrid combines three technologies by attacking stress, metabolism and appetite, but the most important benefit is the improved sleep quality that you’ll receive, resulting in increased weight loss.*

Shrink Stubborn Fat Cells TONE BODY TONER Actually, this product has so many positive health benefits associated with it, you should be taking it everyday, regardless of whether or

not you are trying to lose weight. TONE attacks stubborn fat by shrinking fat cells while maintaining existing lean muscle. The active ingredients in TONE are clinically tested and safe for supporting fat loss, maintaining normal cholesterol levels and promoting healthy heart functions.*

NEW!!! reveal ACCELERATOR Accelerator is our strongest fat burner yet. It is designed to mimic the effects of ephedrine so you’ll get the same weight loss benefits without the negative sideeffects.* - Enhanced Energy Booster* - Strongest Fat Burning Formula* - All-Day Appetite Control*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Men’s Health



Why You Need Them: Crunch for crunch, almonds are one of the best sources of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E -- the form that’s best absorbed by your body. That matters to your muscles because “vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that can help prevent free-radical damage after heavy workouts,” says Jeff Volek, Ph.D. And the fewer hits taken from free radicals, the faster your muscles will recover from a workout and start growing. Fast Fact: A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that those men who consumed the most vitamin E -- from food sources, not supplements -- had a 67 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than those eating the least vitamin E.


Why You Need Them: Black, lima, pinto, navy -- you pick it. They’re all low in fat, and they’re packed with protein, fiber, and iron -- nutrients crucial for building muscle and losing weight. Gastrointestinal disadvantages notwithstanding, they serve as one of the key members of the Abs Diet cabinet because of all their nutritional power. In fact, if you can replace a meat-heavy dish with a bean-heavy dish a couple of times a week, you’ll be

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lopping a lot of saturated fat out of your diet and replacing it with higher amounts of fiber. Fast Fact: Researchers in Australia, Indonesia, and Sweden studied the diets of 400 elderly men and women, and found that those who ate the most leafy green vegetables and beans had the fewest wrinkles.




Why You Need Them: These Powerfoods pack superpowers thanks to their high nutrient content -vitamins including A, C, and K; folate; beta-carotene; minerals including calcium and magnesium; fiber; and antioxidants. They help neutralize age-advancing free radicals, and the fiber content helps fill you up without loading you up with calories.

Fast Fact: One serving of spinach supplies nearly a full day’s vitamin A and half of your vitamin C. It’s also loaded with folate -- a vitamin that protects against heart disease, stroke, and colon cancer.


Why You Need It: Dairy gets so much good press for strengthening bones that it garners little attention for all the other stuff it does, such as help you shed pounds. Low-fat yogurt, cheeses, and other dairy products can play a key role in your diet. Look to


milk as your major source of calcium. Liquids take up lots of room in your stomach, so your brain gets the signal that you’re full. Fast Fact: 3 or more servings of dairy per day can slash your risk of heart disease by 31 percent.


Why You Need It: Oatmeal is the Jessica Alba of your pantry: It’s a perfect 10. You can eat it at breakfast to propel you through sluggish mornings, a couple of hours before a workout to feel fully energized by the time you hit the weights, or at night to avoid a late-night binge. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, meaning that it attracts fluid and stays in your stomach longer than insoluble fiber (like vegetables). Soluble fiber is thought to reduce blood cholesterol by binding with digestive acids made from cholesterol and sending them out of your body. Fast Fact: A Penn State study also showed that oatmeal sustains your blood sugar levels longer than many other foods, which keeps your insulin levels stable and ensures you won’t be ravenous for the few hours that follow.


Why You Need Them: The protein found in eggs has the highest “biological value” of protein -- a measure of how well it supports your body’s protein need -- of any food. In other

words, the protein in eggs is more effective at building muscle than protein from other sources, even milk and beef. Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which is necessary for fat breakdown. For a long time, eggs were considered pure evil, because just two eggs contain enough cholesterol to put you over your daily recommended value. However, more and more research shows that eating an egg or two a day will not raise your cholesterol levels. Fast Fact: Eggs are vitamins and minerals over easy; they’re packed with riboflavin; folate; vitamins B6, B12, D, and E; iron; phosphorus; and zinc.


Why You Need Them: A classic musclebuilding nutrient, protein is the base of any solid diet plan. Turkey breast is one of the leanest meats you’ll find, and it packs nearly onethird of your daily requirements of niacin and vitamin B6. Dark meat, if you prefer, has lots of zinc and iron.

Fast Fact: Mayo Clinic researchers studying the diets of two African tribes found that the tribe that ate fish frequently had leptin levels nearly five times lower than the tribe that primarily ate vegetables. Lower leptin levels are associated with higher metabolism and fat-burning.


Why You Need It: Yes, PB has its disadvantages: It’s high in calories, and it doesn’t go over well when you order it in four-star restaurants. But it’s packed with those heart-healthy m o n o u n s at u r at e d fats that can increase your body’s production of testosterone, which can help

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your muscles grow and your fat melt. Fast Fact: Most “classic” peanut butters such as Jif and Skippy have added sugar and trans fats. Scan the aisle for all-natural butters with one ingredient: peanuts.


 Why You Need It:

Sure, you could oil up your chest and arms and strike a pose, but it works better if you eat the stuff. “The monounsaturated fat in olive oil appears to act as an anticatabolic nutrient,” says Doug Kalman, R.D., director of nutrition at Miami Research Associates. In other words, it prevents muscle breakdown by lowering levels of a sinister cellular protein called tumor necrosis factor-a, which is linked with muscle wasting and weakness (kind of like watching The View). Fast Fact: While all olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, try to use the extra-virgin variety whenever possible; it has a higher level of free-radical-fighting vitamin E than the less chaste stuff.


Why You Need Them: There’s only so long a person can survive on an allprotein diet or an all-salad diet or an all-anything diet. You crave carbohydrates because your body needs them. The key is to eat the ones that have been the least processed -- carbs that still have all their heart-healthy, belly-busting fiber intact.

Fast Fact: Sometimes, after refining away all the vitamins, fiber, and minerals from wheat, food companies add molasses to the


bread, turning it brown, and label it “wheat bread.” It’s a trick! Truly nutritious breads and other products will say “whole-wheat” or “whole-grain.”


Why You Need It: Whole foods such as fruits and veggies are key, but if you add refined whey protein powder to your meal -- in a smoothie, for instance -- you may very well have created the most powerful fat-burning meal possible. Whey protein is a high-quality protein that contains essential amino acids that build muscle and burn fat. But it’s especially effective because it has the highest amount of protein for the fewest number of calories, making it fat’s kryptonite. Fast Fact: If you get sick of protein powder in your smoothies, have some ricotta cheese. Unlike most dairy products, ricotta is made from whey instead of milk curd.


Why You Need Them: Berries carry powerful levels of antioxidants: all-purpose compounds that help your body fight heart disease and cancer. The berries’ flavonoids may also help your eyesight, balance, coordination, and short-term memory. One cup of raspberries packs 6 grams of fiber and more than half of your daily requirement of vitamin C. Fast Fact: Blueberries are also loaded with the soluble fiber that, like oatmeal, keeps you fuller longer. In fact, they’re one of the most healthful foods you can eat. Blueberries beat out 39 other fruits and vegetables in the antioxidant power ratings.

THE WATER PILL™ • Rapid Excess Water Loss* • Reduce Uncomfortable Puffiness* • Eliminate Monthly Bloating*

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YOUR Occasion?

Use the Water Pill (10-day formula) to flush your body of excess water. For whatever event you have quickly approaching, whether it’s a high school reunion, or a vacation where you need to fit into your swimsuit, now you can lose up to 10 pounds fast to look and feel your best!*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Take Charge With Charger!

For Males 30 and Older • Less Fat Around Your Core* • Increase Energy & Stamina* • Stress & Fatigue Fighter* • Nighttime Weight Loss* If you like Charger, you’ll love the NEW Charger Pack! *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The “Charge” Behind Charger ™ Dehydroepiandrosterone, the active ingredient in Charger,™ is a natural prohormone produced in both men and women. Natural levels of dehydroepiandrosterone peak around age twenty and then dramatically decrease as we get older. These decreasing levels contribute to symptoms normally associated with aging as well as many degenerative conditions. Research has shown that it is responsible for producing hormones that increase fat metabolism, stamina and sex drive.*


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